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 May 2015 Kamini
A Holy Ending
 May 2015 Kamini
They failed to see the value in it.
Another life deemed wasted,
but beauty burst through all the seams.
Everything is sacred.
9 7 8 6 (7)
 May 2011 Kamini
Polby Saves
When I catch myself being overly Human
I pull in the reigns and push the thoughts from my head
But not through the mouth
The mindless blathering about.....
That's how I knew in the first place
I was becoming one of you and
It offers me no comfort.....
Quite the opposite
Copyright © 1996-Present
 May 2011 Kamini
Polby Saves
I had a dream and in it someone told me that you had died
In this dream I didn't ask why, figured i knew
Didn't want to press it
So having not heard from you for several months
You call me, really needing to talk, but you leave a message
Sorry, I was asleep, busy
Having this dream in which I'm told you're no longer alive
It didn't seem a wise thing to tell you next day
When I returned your call you said everything was fine
I knew you were lying and that to me, you were
Dead, at least unconsciously

Copyright © 2009
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