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With Asia and Africa,
And all the A's between;
Try Ireland and Israel
And the centuries,
And the screams.
Why not America and the ancient Picts,
Or Adam standing naked,
(Now there's a neuron thought).
Let's share a neuron or two
Before the world is lost.
He walks with himself
He is his own best company.
He pushes forward and you often do not notice
You ignore his plead but you see him wander
A breathing tumble ****.
Shrubbish, wobbly, and *****
He zig zags through the crowd
Sometimes he screams and he too cries
Just like you
Sometimes he trembles in the night
Just like you
Sometimes he dreams of better days
Just like you.
A brief and scattered poem about a homeless man I encountered.
Little wolf, let me tell you something. The world is an imperfect place. It is violent and cruel. You will not learn from me and my lessons, little wolf, you will learn from your own. And I could shelter you and smother you, and yet you will still learn the worst of the world.

You will love and you will be loved. You will run and you will collapse. You will hurt and others will follow you because of your bright light. That same light will attract others who want to put out your flame. But I tell you now, little wolf, they cannot. They cannot burry your soul and quit your howl. The moon will always be yours and you will always be the symbol of love and strength
One of the most beautiful thing
I have ever seen
Is in your eyes
 Dec 2015 Jonny Angel
Mike Essig
my heart
feels the kiss
of ecstasy.

my toes
brush the abyss
of madness.

I can't tell
the difference.

Mostly, I don't
there is one.
  - mce
there are those
who read this stumbling
work who are truly

thanks beforehand
for understanding me
without judgement


i've been searching
all my life
for the lost note

there is a chord in the
cacophonistic chaos
which is my
i simply miss

my otherwise
nimble hands simply
can't bring out
the magic
the music
the majestic
harmonies which
i hear in my mind
but are not translated
to my fingers

i believe it
is due to my assertion
that i was unloved as a child

i was not a planned
my mother fell
on her stomach and
i was a preemie

I was not touched
as an infant due to this
i was in an incubator

i was also
severely neglected as
an older child
due to my mother's
inability to cope
with two very small children
(I was born nearly one year after my sister)

I have also been
for twenty years by
by the
(name has been changed)

so if I am
slightly dark and
seemingly insane in
certain respects this is why


I've already learned
not to play my music
drunk or ******

but i am still
in search of the lost chord

♡ love ♡
prayers and good thoughts
are appreciated

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