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Sumina Thapaliya Jan 2016
If camera could capture the emotion
You would surely hurt me
To show I am mad for you
But I would makeup through smile
To prove you wrong!!!
Sumina Thapaliya Dec 2015
One of the most beautiful thing
I have ever seen
Is in your eyes
Sumina Thapaliya Dec 2015
I have been programmed
Been tighten with the wires
Cant move and think beyond the limit
I am smiling as no sadness got place

I work, care and love
Dont have choice beside that
I make myself happy
Dont know how to express hurt

Can you please make me feel
That I can cry& share my problems
Can you give me time to feel the love
Want to do the thing you are doing for long

And poor me , he switched me off
Reprogrammed me
And make me robot again
:(  :(
Sumina Thapaliya Dec 2015
Like a sun with its light
Like a cloud with its rain
Like a moon with its coolness
Like a rain with its drops

Like a eye with its tears
Like a lips with its smile
Like a butterfly with its flower
Like a bee with its honey

I can never be with you
Coz I am alive within you
And  can never be apart from you
What is LOVE ?
Is it  a Lust?
Is it a Obligations?
Is it a Vested interest? Or
Is it just a Emotion?

It's  all about the Perception
of Love giver and recipient  !!!
It's all about Situation
when it happens !!!
Sumina Thapaliya Nov 2015
I am the one who
feel your love limit to sky


I am the one who proved
your sweet lies !!!
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