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 Oct 2015 Jennesiss
Angie S
Lisa II
 Oct 2015 Jennesiss
Angie S
Losing herself to the roar of a motorcycle with wings she questions;
Are you going to destroy the world?
Understandably all he did was laugh in response, but the
Girl learned to laugh as well. And she
Held on a little tighter.
"As if anyone would just take me away when I wanted them to."

(This is also about Lisa Mishima from znt, but after episode four.)
There is something with the way he looks at me.
It’s like he’s saying-

"Hey, you have dirt on your face.
Your lipstick is awkwardly traced on your lips.
Your dress highlights the layers on your tummy.
And it is no question that your hair is not having the time of its life.
But I wont judge you for those.
I wont judge you for the mess that you are and for the messier that you’ll be.
So yes, I’m hoping that you can also fall in love with me."
 Sep 2015 Jennesiss
Adam Mott
On top of the city
Looking to the past
We all appear so small
Like an ink black heart,
You see nothing at all

I wonder what your city looks like now
I cannot hide it
I want you to know
Oh God, did you forget?

I mean none of this as an insult
I speak out of pain and loss
Hope and Love
Not bitterness or hate
I miss that pretty face
Those eyes full of bliss
The kids we used to be

Inside myself I feel the pain
Every time it rains
I make this bed
And breathe real deep
I know I can make this happen
The future is coming out
Yeah, the future is out
And nothing can stop me from happening
Why the world lets things go, I'll never know
 Sep 2015 Jennesiss
Sara Leal
"I love you."
But you're not the one I wanted to love me.
English version
 Sep 2015 Jennesiss
I Love You
 Sep 2015 Jennesiss
You are my light
That shines so bright even at night
My world you turned from black to white
I love you even if I lose my sight

If challenges would try to break us apart
I will fight, for I will never break your heart
Loyalty and faithfulness will guide our way
I love you no matter what they say

I cannot abandon you even if there is a million reason
I will always find a way, for my love has won
I do not have to count years, because it will never be enough
I will just treasure the memories that you and I have

But, darling, things may not be in our favor
Just like the failed relationships before
I vow to the gods and goddesses
That nothing can tear us apart
Our love is tied with vicious kisses
I love you from the bottom of my heart
Constructed for less than an hour (Phil Lit course)
 Sep 2015 Jennesiss
I spend too much time thinking about
Who you are supposed to be
You are like the air I breathe
Oh what you have done to me

Your eyes and smile
The best they shine
Wait a while
They make me ask*
Will you be mine?
 Aug 2015 Jennesiss
Emily Adams
The truth is I don't think of you
much anymore,
but when I do I think of you
late at night, happy
under the stars
with a love for another
in your heart....
in a city that isn't ours.
Walk around, don't make a sound
but I can't hide what my feelings are
in a big crowd
faking smiles
when its yours that my mind is on
we could've been so much more
but it seems you'd had enough
its so unfair
why do I still care
why are you still the one I want
you were the fire to my flame
and the reason for my pain

— The End —