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jazz rocks May 2014
She walks with me to the isle of fire
and push the shadow of the nightmare, I fear.
She tie my hand to the flaming thorns
and taste the flaring blood to heal.

She touch the unforgiven soul
and enter the glorious light of pain.
She reveal the hunger beast and feed with
the blissful torment, I scream.

She take my hand and
stare through the eyes of my soul.
She pull me to the gate of fire, and
once again she crave the heart of the unforgiven.
jazz rocks May 2014
Your word that speaks the language of your soul.
Your soul that hears the voice of your heart.
Your heart that scream the name of your mind.
Your mind that whispers the emotion of the lines.
Your lines with notes and tones. And
your tones that tune the feeling you have.

The music you have.
Through your soul into your heart and to your mind.
To all the music lover
jazz rocks May 2014
I think..
I think..
and guest what!

I can't even think any...
except the word You.
jazz rocks May 2014
Time pass fast,
still I'm holding to my past;
attached in every moment that last.

Moment that brought the love and pain,
pain that can't just heal by time;
time that pass fast.

Now, new year comes
along with the moment that I can't escaped;
holding the scars tightly with my heart bleeding in fears to love.
And the time just pass me so fast.
I wrote this on the 31st day of December 2013.
jazz rocks May 2014
ā€œI turn around to face you, i feel the warm tears touched my face;
It broke my heart but you just stared.
Your eyes without meaning,
without happiness, without love look through my soul seeking for forgiveness.
I give nothing.
Nothing but tears, nothing but pain, nothing but disappointment,
nothing but sorrow.
The love, moment, sacrifices are now fading slowly deeply with pain.
With pain.ā€
the first time i wrote this I did not put any title but now...
jazz rocks May 2014
I can be your everything if you want me to,
cause I'm willing to be everything just for you.
jazz rocks Apr 2014
I saw you.
Now i dont.
You held me.
Now you wont.
You said i love you.
Now you coudnt.
Im confused but now i know.
Your not mine and  im not yours.
And it understood.
That's what it was.
No us.
Not anymore.
Not me not even you.
And I'm sorry, your not here.
And im alone.
I know.
I've known.
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