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Victoria Garcia Nov 2015
Our hearts frozen to ice
We were two glaciers drifting
Our presence engraved into the ground below
We were meant to last forever
But something between us broke
Now we spend eternity
Victoria Garcia Nov 2015
You replaced my heart with a tombstone
Maybe thats why it feels so heavy
  Nov 2015 Victoria Garcia
Eiliv Advena
Get out of my thoughts
Get out of my mind
I have to forget you
And leave you behind

But every time I see your face
Every time you come close
I'm filled with this awful grace
I try to resist but have no choice

I love you, and I will always do
Although I know you're blind
I know I cannot forget about you
But please get out of my mind
  Nov 2015 Victoria Garcia
staring at the ceiling, counting the mosquito bites on my arm
there are sixteen
reasons why you left me but I can only remember the one that went unsaid
"you cannot fix yourself"
there is a constellation of scars on my hips
and I can see your face, hear your biting words in them
if I try hard enough.
maybe it's just a reflection of the moonlight,
or it's just one bad night. one of too many.
am I the insect stuck between screen and glass
trying to escape something shatterproof
when the more effort I put in, the more likely I am to die?
even the mosquitoes have become tired of seeing my blood
it fills the sticky night with a sour-sweet stench
of broken promises and lost lies.
but god,
I am the moth who only wants to get closer to the light.
you were my light.
and I'll leave the windows open all summer
as if maybe you'll crawl back in through them
I've broken the glass in all of them anyway
I've named sunrises after you
they too are supposed to be emblems of hope but only remind me of how broken I am
and it's funny
because I used to wish on every star that you'd understand
but now I just wish to be able to forget you.
always upset over the things out of my control.
Victoria Garcia Nov 2015
You told me to write whenever something inspired me
So I wrote about how you loved me
despite all my faults

And I've been spilling myself on these pages
Trying to find the right things to say
But now I'm drained empty

I tried writing about whats keeping me alive all this time
When i had every reason not to breathe
I ended up writing your name

You were my anchor
Holding me down through the night
When the storms hit the hardest

I promised I would never write about you
I never needed to immortalize someone who I would never forget

When i drifted away you pulled me closer
Having your hand to guide me
I find the light
Please dont leave me in the dark
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