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imai Sep 2018
I’ll keep you in my hands
until you bubble up and fade away
I know that something as
precious you
won’t stay
long enough for me to begin to hate
the clock is ticking,
I know that Time will not wait
for the two of us,
not for me,
not for you,
not for a couple of misfits
of has been’s and too late’s

so I’ll keep you in my arms,
and hold on to you, fiercely,
I will keep you safe.
I know I come off as a coward,
I admit that I am not brave
I will toughen up,
every hardship I will face.

For you, 

whom I love dearly,
no danger is too great.
imai Jun 2018
she tells me
she’s in love,
all the time.

all with different guys,
all with different lies,
all the while,
the same shine in her eyes.

she says she’s in love,
and her love is kind—
though it is anything but.
i’ve seen the havoc it leaves behind.

she calls it love,
because she would
lose herself
if he left—
she could care less
for her kids
that would weep,

their tears,
they could keep.

they were mistakes
she shouldn’t have made.
those children aren’t love
but the price she has paid.

my mother tells me she’s in love
one too many times.

i’d love to see her eyes
shine the same way
when she tells me,
she loves me.
the kind of love
a mother
a challenge by YanF
imai Jun 2018
could be a question of
but never

could be a matter of
falling unexpectedly
under the sweetly cool
november sky

could sometimes be
a gradual burn
or high paced recklesness
laced with unmasked desperation
and a wordless goodbye

could have been
you and I

but LOVE
I never would have thought
be fleeting and discreet-
surprisingly gone
the moment we meet

as I now know it to be
is an erratic creature
neither bitter nor sweet

is a moment
I would never forget-
his eyes aflame under
the painted sunset

was him
and all the things we
left unsaid

is now
nothing but a far memory-
that of a star that once burned the brightest but
now is
I saw him yesterday, for the first time in a while.
I was expecting butterflies and all the trouble that accompanied a girl in love, but I was greeted with none of those.
I felt calm. It seems that I have moved on.
I've written this poem a long time ago, but it is only now that I truly relate to it.
imai May 2018
i watch her from below.
every time she descends,
slides down the pole,
time slows
until it comes to a stop.

she moves her body gracefully,
head held high,
she sways her hips
puckers her lips
as intoxicated exhilarated men
shower her with tips

but she glows,
vividly against neon lights,
like a firefly who cannot cry
so it burns bright
till the day it dies,
on the brink of death,
she shines like a
star on its final breath

i watch her from below
she says she’s used to it,
but i know
her better
than all the body glitter—

i watch her from below,
still i cannot say anything
for i am
nothing but a mere spectator
of her show.
imai Apr 2018
I love you
only in ways
I am allowed to.

I admire you
only from afar,
where I cannot touch you.

I dream of you
only in the deepest of nights,
an unconscious rendezvous.

I wish for you
only in silence,
not one desire, untrue.

I love you
only in the dark,
‘cause under the sunlight,
I’d be reminded of your

you are not mine,
though I am yours.

I love you
it is the only love
I’ve ever known.
imai Apr 2018
clothed in darkness,
i am robbed of my senses—
though i am left
with the sensation of
your touches,
i have become senseless
undone, my defences—
with a single caress,
a blushing mess,
i try not to obsess
over your intense

though all is in vain,
you are relentless,
and i am
requested by Yan F
imai Apr 2018
short and contained moans
fill my ears—
i think of every gasp
as “i love you’s”
i know i would never hear

        hot and sweaty hands
        grasp my thighs—
        i think of every touch
        as promises
        i know you will let die

                strong and desperate hips
                ****** against my own—
                i think of every action
                as “i’ll miss you's”
                i know you’ll never think
                when you are alone.

        long and tired legs
        entangle with mine—
        i think of this finality
        as a self note
        to make this the last time.

cold and distant nothingness
fil the space beside me—
i try to think nothing of this,
i would only be,
once again,
more than your body, more than a moment
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