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Am the sun,

It shines bright,
Gets the planets light.

Its stays still,
makes the rest round at it's will.

It burns all day
gives life all way

Never takes a path,
but aligns the rest like it took an oath

Despite burning and shining,
Term it's fate, it has to stay alone.
A lone king, whom everyone is in need.
But no one would near.
Am the sun, The Lone king.

Am the moon,
I borrow light,
I seem to shine, but am dark inside.

Am the rain,
My tears are always beautiful to  others.

Am this dormant volcano,
who  people know is a volcano,
but never scared  of.

Am this sea,
constantly kissing the shores,
which can i never own,
Deep calm inside,
violent outside.

Am this paradox,who
knows never anything
of what I'am nor what I'am to  be.
Expecting harmony?
A greatest irony it is.

How do you dare?
when your own heart and mind cannot harmonize?

How do you dare?
When eyes and vision cannot harmonize?

How do you dare?
When your should be's and could be's never seem to harmonize?

How do you dare?
When your wishes and duties cannot harmonize?

And, my friend

Expecting harmony?
A greatest irony it is.
What's more powerful??
Words or silence??

Silence of course


Words only conveys what is said
Silence conveys what's not

Words conveys what is meant
Silence  conveys what's not meant too

Words ceases your liberty
Silence lets you free

Words creates bonds
Silence develops those

Only until I realised

Silence can ****,
If its from you!!

Utter a word at the least
And set my soul at peace!!

I take back what's all said
Silence may be powerful

Tell me,
"I love you"
Two arch rivals
One game
One match
One god
One king
And that's Sachin and Dhoni!!

And one victory!!

Of course, rejoice!!

But is that real??
Ask yourself after you're done with your celebrations!!

Two arch rivals,
Endless friction
Sleepless borders,
Thousands dead
Thousands injured,

Yet no clear solution!!

Victory is not in a days match!!
Victory lies in years fight!!

Heroes are not those who hits boundaries!!
Heroes are those who guard our boundaries!!

Happiness lasts for a day in the game
With a promise of peaceful future lies the fame!!

Losing to the rivals is no shame!!
Losing to the terrorists, who would take the blame??

Reap a good thought today!!
All she was left with
was a bunch of memories
All she was left with
Shadows and the storms within

So there she was
Sobbing, weeping
and secretly waiting
for a shoulder to lean

Time doesn't seemed to care
nor did the people
Days were taken granted for
and all the voices went feeble

Looking through the window one day
she realized that the panes had turned to dust
Looking at her body lay
with mind and heart turned to rust

Clouds had gathered that night
and rain fell with all its might
Cleansing the ground - and
cleansing her mind

The smell of the earth
reminded of the fragrance of hers
sand she started searching for the old her within

Just with the silver lightning struck
a lighting in her mind
and she stood to realize

Standing up walking is real happiness
searching within gives answers
helping self is more useful!!

So, there she stood
A woman who can reach heights!!
And for her history awaits!!
You guys belong to the same place
Yet  you both go through a different phase

You guys  were brought up by the same person
Yet you don't  get along for no reason

You guys were fed with the same emotion
Yet  all you leave within is commotion

You guys look into same things
Yet what you see takes different wings

Dear Mind
Dear Heart,

I am not a battleground
where you guys can constantly fight,
Give me some peace.
Still finding ways for my mind and heart to reconcile
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