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fleuroses Oct 2017
you don't need therapy
or drugs
what you are in dire need of
is unconditional self love
fleuroses Oct 2017
It was not you he adored,

But rather the way you made him feel

The way you put his insecurities to sleep

You made him feel as though he was enough

But darling, that is not love

But rather, it is necessity

So when he says you are too good for him, believe him

You were so good that he could never measure up
  Jan 2017 fleuroses
Sarah Pitman
“Your laugh
Is the second best
Sound I've ever heard.”
“What's the first?”
“Hearing you say
You love me, too.”
  Jan 2017 fleuroses
i will never again wrap my arms around you
in the same way that i will never again
wrap my mind around the idea that i was not enough for you.
i am enough and i will always be enough.
i am all that i have
At the end of the day when the sun is not there
to give my thoughts and surroundings a warm glow
and there are no voices or bodies around but my own
all that i have and all that matters
is what exists behind my eyelids
it is there that i grow and turn darkness into my canvas
for raising light, love, and potential
while my body slowly ages.
i am enough
or else you did not see me.
Some days, it feels never will be my forever
Especially when loneliness so fully consumes
Such longing of heart
My mind much dissevered
Still hoping that one day will come some day soon

Time isn't kind to the ones who hold on
Every day becomes harder than each one before
It's hard to find words when silence cries on
From the one I believe to be worth fighting for

To feel so alone despite those who are near
Is a hell from which there seems to be no escape
As my heart still cries out to the one I hold dear
But, my efforts seem lost, as the truth resinates

Not all who love will win through the endeavor
For the one whom their heart just can't seem to let go
When waiting forever feels like waiting for never
We begin to wonder what we've been fighting for

If the one who wants effort gives none in return
And if words go unanswered for days without end
Should I continue to fight for the one my heart burns
Or let her go, hoping my broken heart mends?

A person can say that they'll wait forever
But they shouldn't be made to if love is sincere
Am I waiting for forever?
Am I waiting for never?
I hope, one day soon, the truth will ring clear
  Jan 2017 fleuroses
Savannah Charlish
You broke my heart when you left
I broke my own heart by loving you every day since
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