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Praising Jesus in your darkest hour
When your stressed and tired
You feel no hope in you heart
Things around you are not perfect
But there's got to be something worth smiling about

So praise Jesus.

"Thank You Jesus"

Because things can be bad right now
But they could always, always be much worse.
Sometimes things around me aren't perfect. I have to learn to be greatful for what I have, and continuing to be happy that my situation is not as bad as it could be. Thanking Jesus out of habit is a beautiful thing because that shows him that you are faithful to him and you know that he can bring you out of any darkness at any time. Thank you Jesus.
  Mar 2016 Stephanie Noelle
Eliza Jane
Heal me Jesus,
I am broken and hurting.
Cleanse me Jesus,
I am impure and *****.
Teach me Jesus,
I want to know more about You.
Hold me Jesus,
I am lonely.
Love me Jesus,
Though I am unworthy.
A little poem for the jesus guy :)
  Mar 2016 Stephanie Noelle
I am a grenade in his arms
burning, fire destructive
still He holds me

I am a lost stream of strange desires
of sin and sorrow and addiction
still, He is with me

I am a beast that no-one wants to love
a home built in caves of shadows and darkness
still He sees me

His love is an avalanche,
His forgiveness meant death,
His power is God.

Who is like you Jesus?
I am yours
All I owe to you
Humble you came
Glorious you ascended
Righteous you will return
This I know
For your love is the current in my veins
Inspired by the Psalmist
  Mar 2016 Stephanie Noelle
┊ Jesus  ┊♥                                
During history's darkest hour
He would rather die
hanging on the cross than
Leaving us on the dark.

(4 Stanza)
Love of Jesus!
All Right Reserved @ 2014
  Mar 2016 Stephanie Noelle
I get happy sometimes.
Right now I'm happy.
I like it.
It's refreshing.
The happiness fills me.
Right to the top.
I love it.
I'm just happy tonight
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