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  Jan 2015 AA
The Noose
Some are born balanced
On a precipice and remain
Tethered for the rest of their days
Overlooking barely there
Mental images
Fragments of a lucid dream
Of a conjured up past life
Once etched on skin
But no longer there
They speak of
Violent reinvention
And escape
While the hollow speaks
And catapults into spaces
Better left unknown

Psyches wrapped in denial
Running the gamut of habitual sins
Perpetuating legacies of pain
With hands that carry
The burdens of forefathers
In the twilight of dreams
Willing for the heavens
To send a spring that blooms

Hearts whose pounding
Reverberates endlessly
inside of ears
Eyes that get darker as they close
Meet with ours
A look
A sigh
Ascertaining a mutual recognition
Of the familiar
Shadows that plague.
  Jan 2015 AA
Darez Steffani Eya
My first picture of memory with you,
Started with, "I don't like you".
You're too cold and silent,
As if I'm on snow with knees bent.

The next time we meet feels like I'm dancing,
Like I'm in the mood for nice talk and knowing.
Then our eyes look on each other,
Suddenly my heart beats fast and faster.

Every moment it's you I'm thinking,
It's you I've been always missing.
Every time I want to see your face,
But it's hard for me to make a gaze.

I know it's rude for me to tell the world,
That my mind in you is spinning around.
Don't you know I'm addicted,
To the scent of ecstasy you created?

The wonderful thing that a girl is dreaming,
To find the man she's long been waiting.
Hoping that one of these days,
I'll be seeing you as my sun rays.

Our beautiful God's time is perfect,
Just right in every angle and aspect.
Here I'll sit, patiently wait, and pray,
Because everything's going to be okay.

Hey, Mr. You! The one who stole my heart,
I know that this time we’ll live apart.
Remember that you and I will see each other,
On the place where nothing else to bother.
AA Dec 2014
I am searching for you for a long time,
where are you?

The girl who wouldn't make you wait on her hand and foot
but would do anything to make you happy.

The girl who would enjoy having a movie night
rather than going to some fancy restaurant.

The girl who would rather stay up all night sharing secrets
than go out and getting drunk .

The girl who'd give the world to see you smile.


those characteristics aren't important
But the girl that wouldn't break my heart is all that matters
Every girl is beautiful, it sometimes just takes the right guy to see it..

                                           All Right Reserved@2014
AA Nov 2014
Dear Sunlight,
It’s been a week since you didn’t show up in the sky
My world starts to darken, so dark and black
I wonder when will you ever comeback?

Your light enables me to see my shadow
That is next to me, so bold and black
Even though the light of lamp could make it also

When will you ever comeback?
I’ve been waiting for you since
My washed clothes will not be able to dry up
Adonis Arpon
All Right Reserved@2014
AA Nov 2014
Everyone’s greatest fear is rejection.
We knew its existence,
but no one understand it clear.

       The feel of rejection,
       Is like cutting the deepest of our soul
       by a razor that causes an affliction.

Carved our hearts to the extent.
Leaving with painful scar,
and making it permanent.

       Stark naked vulnerability, all aglow
       We can find no escape
       But to let the tear in our eyes flows

But a human like us,
Is  a material thing, easily torn
and not easily mended.

       When aggrieved, craving to be relieved.
       For you, neither have I lived nor relived.
       **In rejection, I fear
Adonis Arpon
                                       All Right Reserved@2014
  Oct 2014 AA
Matthew Harlovic
There’s pills, potions
but nothing truly
can cure my emotions

© Matthew Harlovic
Thanks for letting this poem trend. It's a nice gesture to wake to.
  Oct 2014 AA
Layla Thurman
Welcome to your new home
I'm sorry about the mess
But the last person who lived in here
Left it a bit of a wreck
They often used harsh language
and smoked too many cigarettes
they were rough around the edges
and all around a mess
They passed that on to me
and for I while I joined in
But then it became painful to me
In nothing could I win
But they packed up and left
and I went through rehabilitation
So here I am before you
refreshed and anew
and now I wish to open my heart
once again for you
So come make a happy home
lay your self to rest
It all belongs to you now
I give you all my best.
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