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lillie Nov 2020
it was on
this very day,
that one
among eight
shining stars
was allowed
to grace
upon the

a soul
whose passion
lies heavily
on music
and the arts.

they truly are
a beautiful,
loving, and
kind sun drop.

ups and
they've been
it all.
for kim hongjoong. ♡ // thanks again, apollo! uvu
lillie Oct 2020
all the same,
no matter
how much
time passed
us by,
my love for you
will always
stay the same
even after
a hundred days
of pouring rain.

ups and downs,
twists and turns,
my heart will
never stop
to yearn.

"I won't give up on us. Even if the skies get rough." // Thanks again for the help, Apollo!
lillie Oct 2020
step up
your *******

i can see
through the
that you
hide inside
of your heart.

don't you dare
get mad
at me,
for your envy
is as ugly
as your
egoistic bruise.

i won't
hesitate to
switch things up,
you underground,
with me
up above.
Inspired by Ariana Grande's "Positions."
lillie Oct 2020
you say that
you aren't
perfect or
maybe even
not enough
for me.

but i will
tell you
you are
the reason
why i can
find hope
in every
single day
i wake up to.

you are
my Heather.
Inspired by Conan Grey's "Heather". Wrote this for 19981107. I hope you like it. ♡ // Thanks, Apollo!
  Jul 2020 lillie
big waves in the sea
they keep on inviting me
i shall take this risk.
haiku <3
  Jul 2020 lillie
you cast a spell on me
and to my delight,
i felt the same
tingling sensation
in my spine.
let me tell you this,
lovely enchantress —
you need not cast
a spell on me
for right from the start,
you already
enchanted me.
you keep enchanting me still.
  Jul 2020 lillie
your love will not wither
for your soul
emanates warmth
and a little bit of drizzle.
memoirs never cease
to tickle every bit of me —
for you are the goddess
i adore and worship;
and i would never dare
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