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  Oct 2014 Ekuu
Galloping through the apparently calm meadows,
My springbok hoofs were touching the grass softly.

How I rejoice hopping in the air above the cool moisty grass,
Hopping feels so ecstatic after a cool shower on the rainy season.

Maybe it's in the rain now that I feel so addicted to, but then I stop,
And probably it's the Anaconda's coil that siphons up on me now.
My HP Poem #683
©Atul Kaushal
  Oct 2014 Ekuu
Raj Arumugam
I moved into the woods
built a little cabin, below the rocks
and covered by the trees;
yet I had visitors
who had come astray into the wilderness

Someone wanting space for the night:
“Is there enough room in your cabin?”
“Why,” I said, “there’s plenty all round”
I was vegetarian
but the destitute offered themselves to me -
the religious might say: God fed me
even in the wilderness!

A wandering woman one evening,
she offered love in return
for shelter that night
She let me lick, taste her flesh
“Bite me,” she said
offering a foretaste in our foreplay
Why would they not leave me? –
these wanderers, the intruding world

No, I had not come in like Thoreau
or the Unabomber – but maybe
like the misanthrope Timon of Athens...
afraid of my own hate; but the innocent
seemed to be drawn in as to
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  Oct 2014 Ekuu
GitacharYa VedaLa
Few muscles expand
In an upward curve doesn't
Make a smile dear

Muscles should expand
right. But the radiance that
pervades the heart ayes
  Oct 2014 Ekuu
Don't create

You'll get
caught up
in your
own creation...

Learn to
remain in
with everything
around you*...
Ekuu Oct 2014
Some stories are frozen in time,
           not even the strongest of flames can melt them*.
  Oct 2014 Ekuu
Babu kandula
Lost in sunshine
My comfort sleep

Lost in darkness
My mate shadow

Lost in moonlight
My lovely day
Everything has a
Dark and wild other

We always want the bright one
It's not possible
Either we have to change them or
We have to adjust to them
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