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Devin Leigh Jan 2015
It’ll end in fire
if the fire comes I hope it burns us both
as we call out for our fathers
as they raise a glass of wine
in our names for the last time

I saw the fire coming
I saw the flames burning the trees
Burning the leaves
as I begged please please

As the nights got icy
I welcomed the fire
I saw the fire coming for me
blowing in the breeze

The night set on fire
I covered my eyes
and I whispered this is how we die
in this lonely town
with no one around

The fire flew over the mountain side
The fire went as far as the ocean wide
The flames burned over the ice
and for a moment the warmth was nice

I saw fire in your eyes
as you walked away
with not a word to say
leaving me and our lonely city to burn
Devin Leigh Oct 2014
I'm so tired of this empty feeling
I'm so tired of being alone
I lay here staring at the ceiling
Waiting by the phone

I jump when the phone rings
It brings a smile to my face
When he hangs up my heart stings
And I sink back into my lonely place

I wish and I dream
That we'll be together soon
I can't wait until we can look up hand in hand
At the stars and at the moon

I yearn for his kisses
His touch - His embrace
I can't wait for Thursdays
When I get to see his face

I'm flooded with thoughts of him
In my heart, soul, and mind
I imagine his touch
So gentle and kind

I try not to weep
I hope he doesn't hear my cries
But I can't stop the tears
Falling from my eyes

I cry a thousand tears
And think - how much more can I take?
But in my heart I know I'd wait a thousand years
All for love's sake
Devin Leigh Oct 2014
He used to lie all the time to me
and I would see the truth under it all
He used to watch as I would fall apart
and from the start it was the way we were
I was blind to his beautiful lies
and he was blind to my painful cries

He used to lie and enchante me
But I would always see
I closed my eyes
I never asked myself why
not even when I would cry

I was captured wrapped up in your lie
Begging you to never say goodbye
tight in your clutch
In some kind of a rush to find my soulmate
To prove that this was great
to prove this was fate

And now I’m lying in the bed I made
Covered in mistakes I’m laying next to you
wondering what should I do?
wait to get caught like you used to

It’s a silent burden I carry
Knowing you may never forgive me
Devin Leigh Nov 2014
I hated the way our relationship began with a text
I hate the way it ended with me wishing you the best
I hate the way you only shop in a thrift store
Like you were Macklemore
I hate the way you avoid my eyes
and I hate the way he lies

I hate the way you clawed your way in
I hate the way you gave a truth a great spin
I hate the giant sigh you let out
and I hate the way you doubt me

I hate the way you made me something new
something made just for **you
Devin Leigh Nov 2014
Love doesn't die over night but the dreams you grew and planted with one another do. One day you wake up and his scent drenches your skin but other then that there is no trace of him.
Devin Leigh Nov 2014
To the boy who stole my innocence too soon
and promised me forever
and just like my innocence forever came and went
with nearly no time spent.
My child like gaze
remains in that summer haze

To the boy that had me wonder if i’d make it out alive
My trust issues belong to you
the way I question everything I do
That’s because of your choke hold
and your promise I’d never grow old

To the boy who played me like a fool
and played it cool
every time we’d pass in school
My look the other way
pretend you're okay
that came out of that one day

To the boy who refused to stand by my side
when nothing went right and everything wrong
my ability to stay strong belongs to me
because you couldn't see past that moment
couldn't see what things could be
You never really saw me

But to the boy who climbed the walls the past built
I'm Building them hire
To protect me from the fire
to protect me from the burn
For what I've learned belong to you

To the man who saw me
To the man who wasn't a boy
To the man who bought me joy
My future awaits you you'll see
So come find me.
Devin Leigh Dec 2014
We take a chance from time to time
And put our necks out on the line
And you have broken every promise that we made
And I have loved you anyway

Took a fine time to leave me hangin' out to dry
Understand now I'm greivin'
So don't you waste my time
Cause you have taken
All the wind out from my sails
And I have loved you just the same

We finally find this
Then you're gone
Been chasin' rainbows all along
And you have cursed me
When there's no one left to blame
And I have loved you just the same

And you have broken every single ******* rule
And I have loved you like a fool

— The End —