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Jan 2015
It’ll end in fire
if the fire comes I hope it burns us both
as we call out for our fathers
as they raise a glass of wine
in our names for the last time

I saw the fire coming
I saw the flames burning the trees
Burning the leaves
as I begged please please

As the nights got icy
I welcomed the fire
I saw the fire coming for me
blowing in the breeze

The night set on fire
I covered my eyes
and I whispered this is how we die
in this lonely town
with no one around

The fire flew over the mountain side
The fire went as far as the ocean wide
The flames burned over the ice
and for a moment the warmth was nice

I saw fire in your eyes
as you walked away
with not a word to say
leaving me and our lonely city to burn
Devin Leigh
Written by
Devin Leigh
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