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Nov 2014
To the boy who stole my innocence too soon
and promised me forever
and just like my innocence forever came and went
with nearly no time spent.
My child like gaze
remains in that summer haze

To the boy that had me wonder if i’d make it out alive
My trust issues belong to you
the way I question everything I do
That’s because of your choke hold
and your promise I’d never grow old

To the boy who played me like a fool
and played it cool
every time we’d pass in school
My look the other way
pretend you're okay
that came out of that one day

To the boy who refused to stand by my side
when nothing went right and everything wrong
my ability to stay strong belongs to me
because you couldn't see past that moment
couldn't see what things could be
You never really saw me

But to the boy who climbed the walls the past built
I'm Building them hire
To protect me from the fire
to protect me from the burn
For what I've learned belong to you

To the man who saw me
To the man who wasn't a boy
To the man who bought me joy
My future awaits you you'll see
So come find me.
Devin Leigh
Written by
Devin Leigh
     Devin Leigh and Haydn Swan
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