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deprivedkat Mar 2019
My ribs chewed away half of me, stomach growled at the big, bright, white pearl, who stayed staring down Earth’s crust,

who shimmered from outer space, who floated above my sitting on gravel, who shone light upon my skeleton walking astray,

submerging tears in distant memories, of the vibrant greens, reds and yellows of fruits, of food waiting to be devoured by croaking tummies.
deprivedkat Nov 2017



We're like two peas in a pod,
two magnets stuck together
And occasionally
we draw away
fall distant
And only space
Resides between us
© January 5, 2017 deprivedkat
deprivedkat Jan 2017

A wire round your neck...
Unable to scream..
It gets tighter.
And you just watch yourself being consumed...
Only wishing to be consumed by a hug..
Not this Depression.

Strapped to a chair...
Beaten and broken down..
You forget who you are, what you enjoy, you become unrecognizable.
Numb to positivity...
It is a nightmare, to only disappear in a crowd..
To only be consumed once again.

By this monster
Called Depression
© January 10, 2017 deprivedkat
deprivedkat Jan 2017
There are so many people but there's no one inside.
© January 4, 2017 deprivedkat
deprivedkat Dec 2016



Dear coffee,
Oh so lukewarm and freshly brewed,
Feel free to leave me in a sweetened and satisfying mood.
© December 5, 2016 deprivedkat
deprivedkat Oct 2016
Surviving the day is worthy of merit, but once you can make it to bed, it's a ******* victory!
© October 30, 2016 deprivedkat
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