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deprivedkat Nov 2017



We're like two peas in a pod,
two magnets stuck together
And occasionally
we draw away
fall distant
And only space
Resides between us
© January 5, 2017 deprivedkat
deprivedkat Jan 2017

A wire round your neck...
Unable to scream..
It gets tighter.
And you just watch yourself being consumed...
Only wishing to be consumed by a hug..
Not this Depression.

Strapped to a chair...
Beaten and broken down..
You forget who you are, what you enjoy, you become unrecognizable.
Numb to positivity...
It is a nightmare, to only disappear in a crowd..
To only be consumed once again.

By this monster
Called Depression
© January 10, 2017 deprivedkat
deprivedkat Jan 2017
There are so many people but there's no one inside.
© January 4, 2017 deprivedkat
deprivedkat Dec 2016



Dear coffee,
Oh so lukewarm and freshly brewed,
Feel free to leave me in a sweetened and satisfying mood.
© December 5, 2016 deprivedkat
deprivedkat Oct 2016
Surviving the day is worthy of merit, but once you can make it to bed, it's a ******* victory!
© October 30, 2016 deprivedkat
deprivedkat Aug 2016
Sometimes, I hate what I've let myself become.
© August 8 , 2016 deprivedkat
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