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Deenah Oct 2018
22 years ago you filled the heart of a woman with joy, as she held you in her arms.
Having given birth after holding you for 9 months,
You were her light.

21 years later you filled the heart of another woman with joy.
As you promised to be hers and she yours. The woman of your dreams and you, the man of hers.

Yet by 22, both your two beating hearts were broken.
Still fully intact in its living state,
Yet broken beyond comprehension in love.

Your hearts still beat as one,
Despite the hundreds of miles in between you.

Despite the darkness that now envelopes your night, and the fear that perpetuates her day.

Despite the promises, the memories, the excitement, the love lies still bleeding.

Forgive me, for every word I could not make real. For every promise I could not keep. For every moment that still pains your beautiful soul.

Had I another to give to you, I would. Had I not lost every ounce of me in my fight to reach you, I’d have given you all that was left of me.

But now I am just words. Words, most probably never read by, for the true intended. Just words scrawled from emotions that no longer know how to formulate. Words that speak volumes and silence at the same time.

Happy Birthday, my birthday boy.
May every ounce of happiness this world possesses be granted to you, in the long and blissful life that you have ahead of yourself. Happy birthday x
Perhaps the last poem ever on here. Goodbye.
Deenah Feb 2018
When my heart was yours,
And I was everything for you...

Then in your absence,
Who am I now?
  Feb 2018 Deenah
No one can know your pain
Not nearly as well as yourself
But the rope won't take it away
It just gives it to someone else
  Feb 2018 Deenah
i would do anything
to have your lips stutter my name
let your words grasp my hand
watch your eyes search for mine.

to wait for you is impossible yet divine
when we exist in places
so far from where we are destined.

we are parallel lines

i would do anything
for us to be a painting instead
i'd color you in hues of unrequited love
and put us on a frame
i'll give it to you and say

'keep it. keep us. keep me'


'because we are so much more than just parallel lines'
finally found the inspiration to write again. i believe sorrow brings out the poet in everyone.
  Mar 2016 Deenah
Abdullah Ayyash
Valentine is over
One door has closed
Others can't be open
Valentine is over
Can't seem to fit in
I'm just a burden
Valentine is over
This year is history
Next year is frozen
Valentine is over
Happiness is red
Sad clown is in bed
Valentine is over
Dreams are weaved
Hope is my holder
© Copyright
Abdullah Ayyash
February 14th, 2016
  Mar 2016 Deenah
Irfan bin Yusuf Qadri

i lay on my back thinkin' at the stars
why i had to fight that many a wars
i watch the birds as they are flyin' by
always have wished bein' able to fly

i stay at pace wonderin' at the sky
why does the ego urge to satisfy
i hear those leaves whisperin' in the wind
all the amount on the trees i have sinned

i may be restin' as if behind bars
the dreams i have had but those nightmares why
i feel cold as the pressure overwhelms
it is i this world into depths has binned

for now my place is here beneath these elms
this grave now to be my only of realms

* always...

عرفان بن يوسف © AH 09/05/1437

'a (pentameter) Sonnet'
Deenah Mar 2016
And I love and love again,
Telling myself each time will be better.

The truth being,
I'm only scared,that I'll lose the ability
To love altogether.
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