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for not in my favours it wasn't no
but forever i shall be thankful for
every thing that comes or doesn't show
with every thing i am learnin' more

so how shall knowledge be comin' to me
when yes, to me they shall not let it free
this childish behaviour they 'ave made me skip
the very thing they seem to live

for these pains i 'ave had, would hurt them even more
when i would tell them 'bout them things they themselves prevailed

those shortcomings they do feel but don't understand
they be relivin' by those same actions they themselves make

my Lord 'ave Mercy, shower us all with understandin'
so we all could be knowin' how to be livin' always...

عرفان بن يوسف © AH 26/10/1440
oh my Lord i am lookin' for wisdom
for as far as i know i do not know
but to look at those things i do know
just by observin' Thy Earthly Kingdom

so there i see flowers startin' to bloom
at warm days fishes comin' up to breath
even turtles that my accompany seek
where i see beauty in every 'n each

oh my Lord i am seekin' Thy Advice
'tis there i be able to truly see
'n' there that i shall be 'n' beseech
where i seek to find my forever moon

so there i shall be 'n' be remainin'
by this Beauty's Name i shall be prayin' always...

عرفان بن يوسف © AH 10/10/1440
never ever shall i forget
what certain people should regret
although presence doesn't show as much
i shouldn't be thinkin' of such

i was walkin' alone down those dark streets
none but myself 'n' selves to meet
where i was thrown i made a Throne
to praise my Lord 'n' Him alone

for my Lord never abandoned me
like my own blood did indeed
my Lord gave me His Most Beloved
'n' showered me with what True Love is

for never ever shall i be on myself
when protection 'n' even health
my Creator gives Himself always...

عرفان بن يوسف © AH 12/09/1440
'n' there at heights melodiously she flies
this lovely wonderful lookin' butterfly
the way of caressess from her wings
this wind that breezes whispers 'n' sings

tho landed upon clouds entered new skies
experiences brought by numerous flights
always trustin' upon the waves where to bring
the Only Trust 'n' Love onto which to cling

lessons to be seen in her very own strive
beauty to hold on to 'n' to ponder upon
right from the chrysalis 'n' from there on
none but nurturin' flowers all of her life

she a beloved of God, as she has always loved
her simple love that pollinated all 'n' above always...

عرفان بن يوسف © AH 11/09/1440
so we do hide behind our ignorance
'n' remain pretendin' to be naive
so easy to think of them to deceive
'tis just that we behave that itinerant

thinkin' ourselves to be that superior
excuses we alone do believe in
those **** thoughts of lies we be livin'
that very thing to poison our interior

there is no truth in these tiles we're layin'
if ever there's a time of honesty
we'd still be clingin' onto policies
that we ourselves 'ave been creatin'

no.., we won't repent 'n' won't start prayin'
but our own faith we shall keep on slayin' always...

عرفان بن يوسف © AH 10/09/1440
nothin' catches my attention really
for i 'ave given up a long time ago
i just stay focused remainin' at flows
what life has to offer 'n' brings to me

'tis just those things that come in a way
that my own priorities seem thrown away
therefore i rewait 'till it itself displays
which road to be upon which tiles to lay

for i would never understand it tho
these plans my God, i still 'ave to see
but Thy promise to me that all be shown
thy wishes 'n' bestowings upon me

my dedication to my Creator alone
for You be headin' me to my home always...

عرفان بن يوسف © AH 02/06/1440
'a freestyle meter / rhymescheme Sonnet'
to all of my children, never were mine
by those exes i 'ave had, in my life
all those promises i 'ave made to ye
all the care 'n' effort put upon ye

nothin' but ev'ry good wished upon ye
'n' all of the times i 'ave shared with ye
never would i want to loose memories
i 'ave shared with ye in all of its truths

for, even when it might be a long time
never could get ye all out of my mind
always be prayin' for ye, all of good
no matter feelin' good or feelin' bad

yes, at times i think.. of those precious days
rememberin' those ways, ye called me 'dad' always...

عرفان بن يوسف © AH 04/03/1440
'a pentameter / freestyle rhymescheme Sonnet'
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