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the ordinary things i see every day
lookin' at you doin' the things ye do
you've managed your ways, your difficulties too
accomplished things no one could ever say

these demons that i face every day
'ave nothin' to do the Angel you are
the more i am caught in my inner war
you are there showin' me the Right Way

where i 'ave lost my way to go
where i 'ave lost my smile to show
there's nothin' more for me to know

those things ye do for me 'n' how ye be
smiles 'n' happiness ye bring to me
'tis you 'n' i alone that i want to see always...

عرفان بن يوسف © AH 03/01/1443
oh, this very own Heart of mine
never ever did i thought to be this fragile
we 'ave had many a thing to overcome
i want Ye to be with me all of my time

even tho i 'ave ignored Ye once in a while
Ye always seem my drive bein' alive
'n' yes, to be upon i should be upon
this Beat that just keeps Lovin' on

i know, i know, to take care of is mine
neglectin' is one thing, Truth be Thine

i see, i see, noone there but me
so to me to address to none but Thee

for my heart is where You live
so please, please, do not abandon me.. always...

عرفان بن يوسف © AH 03/01/1442
so my nightmares do 'ave a truth to say
ye refrain further 'n' further away
too bad 'tis your own that ye will remain
those 'n' what be upon to be stayin'

maybe indeed, i wish to be alone
but 'ave i not chosen to be with you
just prove to me that i am wrong to do
tryin' to make a life to be our own

please continue openin' up my eyes
for i am blind to be doin' as such
as feelings they all be denied as much
'n' all what will ignite that even fires

Rome is one way, London is the other
lo, should we ever be with eachother?

.. ...

عرفان بن يوسف © AH 25/08/1441
"a (pentameter) Sonnet"
isn't it a shame we just then return
isn't it blame, we put upon others
do we not hide our faults to eachother
who is there to satisfy or to turn  

to turn to when there is no one around
who be there to be relyin’ upon
when all be the whims we be drivin' on
what is it that we think that shall be found  

tisn’t lame, we repeat to clarify
it doesn’t get tirin’ nor does get bored
when we do exact, what we had in store
no reality but wants to verify  

isn’t it the same we rely upon
mine is this flame, keepin' me on ‘n’ on always...

عرفان بن يوسف ©AH 28/02/1441
for not in my favours it wasn't no
but forever i shall be thankful for
every thing that comes or doesn't show
with every thing i am learnin' more

so how shall knowledge be comin' to me
when yes, to me they shall not let it free
this childish behaviour they 'ave made me skip
the very thing they seem to live

for these pains i 'ave had, would hurt them even more
when i would tell them 'bout them things they themselves prevailed

those shortcomings they do feel but don't understand
they be relivin' by those same actions they themselves make

my Lord 'ave Mercy, shower us all with understandin'
so we all could be knowin' how to be livin' always...

عرفان بن يوسف © AH 26/10/1440
oh my Lord i am lookin' for wisdom
for as far as i know i do not know
but to look at those things i do know
just by observin' Thy Earthly Kingdom

so there i see flowers startin' to bloom
at warm days fishes comin' up to breath
even turtles that my accompany seek
where i see beauty in every 'n each

oh my Lord i am seekin' Thy Advice
'tis there i be able to truly see
'n' there that i shall be 'n' beseech
where i seek to find my forever moon

so there i shall be 'n' be remainin'
by this Beauty's Name i shall be prayin' always...

عرفان بن يوسف © AH 10/10/1440
never ever shall i forget
what certain people should regret
although presence doesn't show as much
i shouldn't be thinkin' of such

i was walkin' alone down those dark streets
none but myself 'n' selves to meet
where i was thrown i made a Throne
to praise my Lord 'n' Him alone

for my Lord never abandoned me
like my own blood did indeed
my Lord gave me His Most Beloved
'n' showered me with what True Love is

for never ever shall i be on myself
when protection 'n' even health
my Creator gives Himself always...

عرفان بن يوسف © AH 12/09/1440
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