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darktowers Jun 2016
There is
No such thing
As hope

From the
Hope is the mask

Despair has
Been wearing
  Jun 2016 darktowers
I cannot cry my lord where am I and why
Lord can I not cry on these dying lies
Nor return again from fields that wilt
To sheath myself by my sunken hilt

I travel through time to a time I was heard
Believing a song but forgetting the words
In my funeral robes of white satin at night
I cannot see my god between the dark and the light

If you had given me one reason to live
Oh if you had only given me a soul to give
If you had delivered to me the courage to forgive
Oh if you had loved me, enough to forbid

Oh Lord what have you done with my heart
The abhorrent creature which hides in the dark
Less than the beast of something which flew
The broken silhouette of something which grew
From the ashes of the great creator
I don't even know
darktowers Jun 2016
As my body turns to rust
I write ****** on this page
Watch my heart turn to stone
As I die with no hope
Iv forgotten your name
But you know what
I am
Remember my name
Forget my face
The stars chants my name
For I am a man of  darkness
  May 2016 darktowers

*Music written to
the sound of the rain,
patters of notes upon
slick windowpanes
mesmerizing a day
of reminiscence,
when two hearts
danced between
the steady drizzle

Drenched in the key
of lost moments
playing over and over
in the saturated symphonies
of my mind’s
harmonic sadness
un-tuned melodies echo
through puddles collected
within a cappella fingers
  May 2016 darktowers
m i a
you were a ****,
and i was a flower,
you held greed,
and i held power,
but one day,
the sun came out,
and with no doubt,
you recieved all the light,
and i had to fight,
to get was rightfully mine,
you kept growing taller,
as i kept getting smaller,
i loss my beauty,
my petals,
you were tearing me apart,
you were weakening my heart,
i'm tired of this,
now is the time,
that i start,
to take back what was mine,
it's going to be a long process,
but i'll just progress,
further than i have before.
for you are the ****,
that holds greed,
and i am the flower,
who holds power.
the **** represents anxiety, while the flower represents all of us who are fighting this terrible mentality. stay strong.
  May 2016 darktowers
Lena LeFay
I once watched us burst into flames
Like I wasn't even involved
The part I played in this nightmare
We created ourselves a long time ago
Was this stupid little ghost
A shadow of human nature
Could you stop violating my soul?
Pretend like it isn't that much fun
Breaking my tortured self
Into millions of pieces
All this pain inside of you
It feels like drowning in icy waves of agony
Captain, oh captain - can't you see?
You're guiding this once solid ship
Towards the edge of forgiveness
How comes, the cooling water can't ease fire's heat?
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