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darktowers Apr 2018
i am done
tired of you wanting me
to be someone else
I'm sorry to disappoint
its struggle to receive
your approval
you'll fined sometime
well most times
my heart shrinking
within the days
mask peeling away
to unfavorable me
is this what you want
sinking in my bed
with death inside my head
I'm heading somewhere
were don't have to worry
about the future
hurry up let me be
or may find better way
darktowers Apr 2018
we seek the words
we crave it all

swimming through the void
we hear the words
we lose ourselves
but we gain it all
i don't feel like iv finished this yet, but I'm stuck where to go on it for now
  Mar 2018 darktowers
I wasn’t strong enough to go on
I guess you could say he finally won.
Everything reminds me of him
no matter what I do to forget.

Sometimes I see him, in the little smile
given to me by guys I meet every mile.
He lies in the dreams I have
leaving me startled and cold upon wake.

Sometimes I feel him, in every hug
that makes me want to run.
My skin is left with pin ******
as a present from these *****.

Thank god I can’t remember his smell
or else it would put me through hell.
One thing I’m glad for is when the senses
begin to dull after years out of the hole.

Blaming myself, easy to do in this case
easy to blame such a waste of space.
My thoughts are skewed
by the foggy memories of the past.

“He has done no wrong” so they say
“if it was bad, why did you stay?”
Why? I still ask myself to this day
it felt wrong but I thought it was just me.

Sacrifice everything for your lover
as it was taught from one to another.
Yet don’t know what to do
when the one you love won’t care for you.
darktowers Mar 2018
do you hear them
the voices of the others
who are also you
the reflection of other lives
in other times
calling you back
the voices of your future
yet our past screams
even louder
that says wait
so you hesitate
the voice of a wiser
says yes don't second guess
darktowers Feb 2018
poor another shot
getting drunk
on gasoline

blazing  through my lungs
charring through my soul
advancing through my mind

pain of regret
of the better times
lost to traverse
my mind

may I ever escape
can I be that hero
I always wanted
to be

this my last shot
to be something
I'm not
darktowers Jan 2018
As i live in a haze
What a daze to be
This grayscale of life
What drag to my existence

Can i not alleviate
My mind
Will my life always
Be torturous

Will i always have
This agonizing reminders
Failures of my past
To leave me awake at night

Can i ever make it stop
I just don't know
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