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 Nov 2017 Halted
Crazy is who I am.
I love with a passion & I fell for you.
So call me crazy for wanting to be there.
Call me crazy for loving you.
The truth is that I do.
I don't deny it anymore.
I don't want to hold back.
I love you & that's all there is to it.
I'm not a fighter but I fight for what I love.
You break my heart.
I give you space.
You run back to me.
I love you still.
I always will.
 Jun 2016 Halted
Inside my mind I wander
In my own world I am lost
The strange things I have pondered
Cover the ground like frost
An ocean made of fire
A forest made of steel
The insanity inspires
These things that can't be real
But in my mind I see them
I touch them when I dream
From my imagination they stem
Where nothing is as it seems
The monster in the shadow
Is a guardian for light
The fuzzy creature in the meadow
A servant of dark fright
The twistedness of my mind
Astounds even my self
Where all things are undefined
Even the role I play myself
The shadows in the darkness
The screams within my soul
This world is sometimes heartless
Sometimes rages out of control
By Tim Vallie
Have you not noted, in some family
Where two were born of a first marriage-bed,
How still they own their gracious bond, though fed
And nursed on the forgotten breast and knee?—
How to their father’s children they shall be
In act and thought of one goodwill; but each
Shall for the other have, in silence speech,
And in a word complete community?

Even so, when first I saw you, seemed it, love,
That among souls allied to mine was yet
One nearer kindred than life hinted of.
O born with me somewhere that men forget,
And though in years of sight and sound unmet,
Known for my soul’s birth-partner well enough!
 Mar 2016 Halted
Dear Mama, you taught me well,
but that's something I'd never tell,
cause complacency is what you preached,
so silence is what I reached.

Mama, you taught me well,
to sit and fiddle, do not wail,
but my emotions are worth much more,
when they aren't hidden behind the door.

Mama, you taught me well,
wishing for naught, I let myself dwell,
and so I idolized all the wrong people,
and followed demands like sheeple.

Mama, you taught me well,
to allow myself to mask my yell,
my tears, my frigid fears, my feelings unspoken,
when my heart lay here so broken.

Mama, you taught me well,
to lock myself into my own cell,
and now I feel I need release,
my soul deserves to be at peace.

Dear Mama, you taught me well,
but this sort of life I wish to quell,
and so I say I must change,
your lessons to me, estrange.
I still love you, but I refuse to BE you.
 Mar 2016 Halted
Dance with me and pay the price,
it's no big deal, the music's nice,
a twirl, a tap, why won't you glide?
I promise not to hurt your pride.

My heels click and stomp about,
your feet intact, without a doubt,
but something cracks, between us both,
a shattered, silent, bond-broken oath.

My smiles full of blind deceit,
your trust denied in fast defeat,
I've grown tired of this masquerade,
now you wish you hadn't stayed?

I can't believe you thought you'd be my match,
that we'd make it out without a scratch,
but jokes on you, and me too,
this was our final dance, so enjoy the view.
You thought you could dance with me, but we weren't even dancing to the same song. No wonder you walked all over me, we could never be in rhythm. We were never dancing the same steps.
I saw your liquid thoughts
The wicked lesson taught
As your cruel mind plays
Inside with wicked ways
As you ignored my pleas
Drowning in a million seas

I listened to your cold voice
Hearing I had no other choice
And I fell from a higher place
Burnt with the memory of your face
As you ignored my pleas
Drowning in a million seas
Damnation to this drink
Shattered glass on the wall
Dulled senses no longer think
But I still hear her voice call

It echoes deep inside my head
And reality hits much too strong
When I know she is long dead
I want her, is that so wrong?

Damaged thoughts are to blame
Someone new in darkest lust
Using this woman in a game
Where I strip her of her trust

Do I use her all because of you?
Because she is your exact double
Oh this woe, what should I do?
Is this worth all this ****** trouble?

She sees beyond my deep scars
As you, beloved, once did
Still this bitterness still mars
All this madness I once hid

Can I escape my coming destiny?
Can the visions reflected be true?
To no longer feel pain and misery
How can this be if I am without you?
Copyright 2015
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