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Halted May 2015
One wandering road
And one straight path
That leads to one location
Halted May 2015
So when the night sun says “Hello”
And wintry winds caress
A thought of you, in my mind, flow
As I lay down to rest
A thought before I sleep
Halted Nov 2017
Now grab a knife,
Then stab your back.
Go blame  your friends,
Then start a new pack.

In with the new,
and Out with the old.
Go with the flow,
Or be left in the cold.
some so called friend you are, you piece of sh^t.
Halted Jul 2019
A pleasant moon of dazzling light
A lifeless night glowed aptly right
Though through your shine, you bring delight
Glows only when the Sun's in sight
Halted Mar 2016
Wake up. It’s noon. My morning’s here
Stand up. Stretch up. My mind is clear
Walk up towards the usual place
Sit down. Look straight and see my face

Boot up the sleeping tech of fantasy
What time? Grabs phone so I can see
Two hours away from dear midday
The usual heat of hell as well today

Scroll down. Click click. Oh hey, what’s this?
A dog. A cat. Oh, what a bliss
A chat. A post. Some notification
A like. Replies from the online nation

Oh hey. What’s this? Some hours have past
A sigh. A thought. Time fly so fast
Close this and that. Free time is done
It’s time to work. Free time is gone

Move this and that, and animate
Make this. Do that. Oh no, it’s late.
Move fast. Move quick. Must finish it
It’s done. It’s sent. And so I'll eat

Sardines, noodles and some canned foods
Sometimes with rice. Sometimes just goods
When pay is up, take out is fine
A nudge. A chat. It’s now playtime

The League. It’s call. So loud and clear
My friends. My enemies. My champs they fear
Top lane. Bot lane. The jungle is fine
Mid lane is something I have to refine

Oh my. Bright lights. Outside is where it’s from
The Sun, it’s out. And so my night has come
Shutdown. Lay down. It’s time to sleep
Next day. Scroll up. Read and repeat.
just my daily life. *siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh*
Halted May 2015
"Risking it all"
or *"Doing your best"

Does not always
Guarantee **success
though it increases the possibility of success
Halted May 2015
I am weak
And weak I’ll stay
I don’t seek
Much strength – no way

Yet hear me say
I am no loser
Though weak I’ll stay
I’ve reached much **higher

— The End —