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 Nov 2016 curlygirl
 Nov 2016 curlygirl
I'm just not feeling it babe
the way I should,
you just ain't loving me
the way I would
and I would've been kinder
but you destroyed
the part of me that would mind,
I would have held you tighter
but I'm tired of being left behind.
I've let you pierce my heart
and anticipated the bleeding,
but the brightness
of my heart is receding,
and it's all because of you,
and all the things you don't do.
 Oct 2016 curlygirl
i am not
but rather,
a temporary
 Oct 2016 curlygirl
i wish i could have helped you fly
i wish i could have given you wings crafted by Hephaestus himself
i wish i did not have to see you fall
blinded by the light of the sun
as you sank into the depths of the ocean

i wish i could have caught you with my arms
when all you wanted was to be free
i wish i could have saved you
before you flew too close to the sun
and melted your wings

our universes never shared
any sort of symmetry,
parallel as they will always be,
but icarus, i do not know why
i carry the weight of your undoing.
icarus has fallen.

second part of my first poem dear icarus,
 Aug 2016 curlygirl
 Aug 2016 curlygirl
"if your heart is broken, make art with the pieces."
[shane koyczan]
i tried to love;
i think i succeeded

but not like you,
not like them.

my love comes in waves,
fleeting and crashing;

it surges, strong,
then breaks against the sand

and i'm left with nothing but an empty shore
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