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Aug 2018 · 330
curlygirl Aug 2018
he's the punctuation
at the end
of my sentence
i'm his breath
before the battle cry
Jun 2018 · 1.1k
while i was sleeping
curlygirl Jun 2018
"i'm pretty sure...
you're the best
worst mistake
i ever made..."
he mused sleepily
as he kissed
my forehead
and i dreamed
in his arms
May 2018 · 394
curlygirl May 2018
i have memorized
so well
that when he
lays against
my chest,
Dec 2017 · 630
curlygirl Dec 2017
two people,
so very broken
that they had to
borrow and share
each other's
pieces to
finally feel
Dec 2017 · 436
weathering the weather
curlygirl Dec 2017
i can't calm his storms
i'll dance in his rains
pray i don't drown
Mar 2017 · 1.2k
curlygirl Mar 2017
i can
still smell
you on
my skin,
even when
i try
not to
Feb 2017 · 954
un-do list
curlygirl Feb 2017
Its weird
that I still think
about you
it makes me
feel weak.
Its worse
I find myself
missing the
   oddest things.
   your mom
   your shirts
   how you held my hand
   the curve of your nose
    the way you like to run.
Its things like these,
the obscure
annoying things,
that keep me
     missing you.
Feb 2017 · 916
curlygirl Feb 2017
i have
the unfortunate
of not
realizing that
i love
until its
too late.
Jan 2017 · 845
are we?
curlygirl Jan 2017
we are an enigma.
not because we
don't understand
each other,
because we
don't understand
Jan 2017 · 986
they say
curlygirl Jan 2017
"you accept the love
you think you deserve."
*i didn't know
i thought so little
of myself
Jan 2017 · 749
regretfully yours
curlygirl Jan 2017
its the oddest
combination of
loving someone
and knowing
**you don't want
to be with them
Jan 2017 · 947
parking lot talks
curlygirl Jan 2017
"i almost told you
that i love you,"
he confessed
looking past me.
"well...thank God
you didn't,"
i whispered
looking down.
Dec 2016 · 513
good knight
curlygirl Dec 2016
he slept next to me
like a shining knight
without his armor,
vulnerable and guarded.
Dec 2016 · 507
curlygirl Dec 2016
i had a dream
that he loved me,
       and that's how i knew
i was dreaming.
Dec 2016 · 816
considerate us
curlygirl Dec 2016
we're afraid to
hold each other
too tightly
because we know
we're fragile
and neither
wants to be
the first to
Dec 2016 · 715
grabbing puzzle pieces
curlygirl Dec 2016
he doesn't need
the curve of
just any hip
to hold
while he sleeps.
he needs
hips to hold
shoulder to kiss
perfume to breathe.
i know because
its my form
that fits so
against his.
Dec 2016 · 872
curlygirl Dec 2016
there are no more remnants
of him here.
no more
notes          shirts
   gifts       scents

of him here.
he exists only in
my memories
and even those
are starting to fade.
Dec 2016 · 401
available space
curlygirl Dec 2016
its only when
i'm really empty
that i feel
his name
rattle around
between my ribs
Nov 2016 · 767
nostalgia revisted
curlygirl Nov 2016
he tastes of
fresh coffee and old memories
mixed together with
swallowed sentiments
that neither of us
is brave enough
to say.
Nov 2016 · 1.1k
curlygirl Nov 2016
he is the
very antithesis of me,
yet somehow
in the night
we blend
so well.
light and dark
coming together
just to learn
what the other
tastes like.
Nov 2016 · 615
curlygirl Nov 2016
i have a lover
      tender and innocent,
who tucks in his shirt
and brushes my arm
        when he walks by.
he is passionate and giving,
listens to classical music
and caresses my cheek
         when he kisses me.
i think i love him so
because of these things
          and also because
*he is the opposite of me
Nov 2016 · 622
curlygirl Nov 2016
he holds her still*
and yet
she still holds him
Nov 2016 · 419
subconcious truth
curlygirl Nov 2016
its no coincidence
that he only
holds me
Oct 2016 · 1.1k
his revival
curlygirl Oct 2016
he hit me
ol' time religion.
i went in a sinner,
then he
showed me the light
baptized me
in a flood
of his kisses,
and i came out
a saint.
Oct 2016 · 667
its not a pit
curlygirl Oct 2016
but its a place
as dark and empty as
any other hole in the ground.
and when i'm
by myself
my thoughts escort me there
and wait for me to
peek over the edge
before shoving me in
and watching as i tumble
down into my own
*mental hell
Oct 2016 · 600
curlygirl Oct 2016
we're primal
he and i.
we drink
we have ***
we act like
we don't love
each other.
Oct 2016 · 464
maintence romance
curlygirl Oct 2016
"but do you love me?"
she asked against
his bare shoulder.
"its like you said,"
he sighed.
"something is better
than nothing."
Oct 2016 · 1.0k
my work
curlygirl Oct 2016
it may sound
but i did
on each piece of
his broken heart
to watch
come in and smash
the gentle thing
i bled to rebuild.
Oct 2016 · 825
the sun/son's bed
curlygirl Oct 2016
he felt slight in my arms,
like trying to hold
a ray of light
from the sun tattoo
on his wrist.
when he kissed me
i tasted his sadness
and his demons,
drinking them in myself
with the hope that
he would be able
to burn a little brighter,
like the sun tattoo
on his wrist.
Oct 2016 · 921
cigarette treatment
curlygirl Oct 2016
he takes me in
with a long drag
while he lights me up
and just when
i'm on fire
he puts me out
with his sole
and leaves me
next to his empty
beer bottle.
Oct 2016 · 1.1k
dissatisfaction (10w)
curlygirl Oct 2016
why let them all in
none of them stay?
Oct 2016 · 801
curlygirl Oct 2016
i would
with a
word from him,
but i
have to
act like
i can
live happily
without a
word from him
Oct 2016 · 8.9k
self control
curlygirl Oct 2016
the hardest
part of
letting someone
you love
go is
making yourself
stay away
Oct 2016 · 646
23:50 haunts
curlygirl Oct 2016
its been long enough
that the memories
are starting to fade
from the glare
of reality.
but the one moment
i still feel
as vividly now
as i did then
is when he stared into
my deepest parts and whispered
this? this right here? its real.

the only thing i feel
more vividly than that
is the hurt from realizing
**it wasn't true
Oct 2016 · 737
grown up pretending
curlygirl Oct 2016
we play house.
he makes us coffee
i wear his shirts.

we play house.
he drinks his feelings
i stare at the ceiling while he sleeps.

we play house*.
Oct 2016 · 452
saving self
curlygirl Oct 2016
as she watched him
gather his clothes
and dress again
she realized,
*you can't
save the
Oct 2016 · 1.1k
weekend away
curlygirl Oct 2016
he says
he doesn't want me
like he should.
his blood doesn't boil
and he doesn't feel desire
like he wants to
when he sees me.
but he comes to me
crawls to me
sneaks to me

in the night,
whispering "it's been a while"
while he brushes my cheek.
and then he's
satisfied and disappointed
when he realizes that
he needs me
more than
he wants me,
and that i'll always
want him
more than
i need him.
Sep 2016 · 458
Dream Pursuit
curlygirl Sep 2016
I dreamt that you
   were laying beside me
   but instead of ribs
   there were constellations
   and half mumbled wishes
holding you together.
You took my hand and
    held it to your chest
    telling me to take a
  fallen star for myself,
to remind me of you.
When I couldn't grasp one
    I looked at you
    and you laid back with
    your blue eyes closed
And told me to *"keep reaching"
Sep 2016 · 675
curlygirl Sep 2016
I wrote about him
over a year ago.
He was one of my
     most inspirational muses
that became one of my
     softest kisses
     purest loves
     sweetest memories.
Which makes it even more painful
to realize that he also became
one of my
        biggest heartbreaks.
Several poems from the summer of 2015 are about this same person, and it ended almost exactly the way they did
Sep 2016 · 682
no blame/shame
curlygirl Sep 2016
"can you blame me?"
he asked
as he grabbed his coat
and slipped out the door.
she said to the empty room.
"i know you want her love
as badly
as i want yours."
Sep 2016 · 928
the moment when
curlygirl Sep 2016
The moment I think back on
the most
isn't when
                   we learned to samba
                we saw each other naked
              our lips met for the first time
or even when we said I love you.
Its our last night together,
the night we
            played cards with your family
       slept in your twin bed
    couldn't work the DVD player
and took our first bedroom picture.
It was the night when
    I woke up and cried quietly
until you felt my tears on your skin
    You wrapped me up and rocked me back to sleep
    You whispered I'm here over and over again.
Don't you remember, love?
*It was the night before you left (me).
Sep 2016 · 675
curlygirl Sep 2016
i breathed him in
like a drag off of
one of his cigarettes,
slow and
i held him in
before exhaling
and promised
this time would be
my last.
Sep 2016 · 441
curlygirl Sep 2016
for every "goodbye"
he spoke,
she whispered
"please don't go"
a thousand times
Sep 2016 · 832
good morning kiss
curlygirl Sep 2016
he slept in a world
slightly higher
              livelier than mine,
a world that held him tighter
and loved him sharper
than i could have
with my earthen arms.
but i felt him come back to me
when the weariness of my bones
asked for a glimmer
of eternity from his lips
and he gave it to me
Sep 2016 · 656
long time coming
curlygirl Sep 2016
grape gatorade and high school memories
were mixed together with our lips,
then breathed out to
fog up my windows
and awaken mature desires
we finally fulfilled in the dark,
and then sipped with our coffee
in the morning.
Aug 2016 · 892
unreachable heights
curlygirl Aug 2016
i placed
my idea
of him
high upon
that pedestal,
then forgot
that the
real him
was afraid
of heights.
Aug 2016 · 759
inner existence
curlygirl Aug 2016
"you have the heavens
and swirling galaxies
deep within you,
she daydreamed.
"if i do,
it's because
you put them there,
he replied.
Aug 2016 · 688
twin bed dreams
curlygirl Aug 2016
he slept facing his dreams,
lost in a world that didn't feel
the kisses i gently placed along his spine
or hear the "my darling, i love you" that i breathed
into his skin.
he slept facing his dreams,
and i laid against him,
facing mine.
Aug 2016 · 675
almost always
curlygirl Aug 2016
"i'm used to being someone's almost,"
he confessed to the hollow of her neck.
"well now you can be my always,"
she whispered back.
Aug 2016 · 738
life guard
curlygirl Aug 2016
his kisses saved her
when neither of them
realized she was drowning
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