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 Apr 14
She was lovely and lonely
Her copper-red belly stood out on a gray rainy day with patches of blue
She seemed to be listening to other birds' chirps and squirrel noises
She hopped on just taking everything in
Lovely company
Hello Robin

 Mar 11
for the day that i go
beyond the grave
please know
these words that i say:
i'm happy here
it's what i've always craved.
spaces to fill unseen
without meeting any stares.
no longer losing hope
or places to be
ending endless penance
for straying from god's will.

the fault lives with none
except with me,
who did nothing of use
but hurt everyone i see.

- - -
so when i leave you
within my wake
my departed soul
wants this for you to take:
this was my song
sung by swans
singing the words
of my deepest love
before i return again
but as a mourning dove.
remember now
my unbeating heart
rests finally full
in a world revealed
only to those who look.

- - -
go in grace
and live life freely
when you call my name
find me perched upon
the nearest tree
watching over lovingly
and being proud of you daily
from the moment you rise
and smell the air
to the close of dusk
as you go up the stairs

wherever you meet me
just as you are
i'll be happy to share
with you the moment
and show you i care.

- - -
yes i've left
before i'm old
but the bell waits for no one
and continues to toll

so i bid you adieu
and have given you the words
to know and to remember
you can find me among the birds.

 Feb 6
cold seeps into extremities
reminding me once again
that i'm getting older &
more intimate with frailty.
slowly but surely-
becoming the reaping of
my younger selves' sowing.
here i retreat inward
to find the soul
for the world outside
has lost its gold
that was never there.
fear fuels my nightmares
but i'm told to stay scrambling
for the light within my dreams
and the threads painted by love
to weave anew.
but the skeins stay drab
and the pastels tangled.
however will i continue
with my thoughts all mangled?
Hey you little sister,
  I hope your day's fun
And all of moonshine glitter,
  Yet thrice brighter than the sun.

Hey you little sister,
  Now that you're a year older,
Be brave than a rising twister,
  Strong to break like a boulder.

Hey you little sister,
  When days ever get rough
And you can't even smile at a jester,
  I hope this poem makes you laugh.

Hey you little sister,
  Wishing thee more salubrious days,
Brimming with pulchritude like the aster
  Kissed by the noontide sun's rays.

Hey you little sister,
  Should you ever feel low and dismal,
Sit thee down upon thy keister
  And just give me a phone call.

Hey you little sister,
  My wish for thee is like the sunshine;
Warm, cheery, and full of glitter;
  And like a starry night, soothing & fine.

Hey you little sister,
  No matter how the years go by
We'll always be one like stars in a cluster,
  No matter how many birthdays fly.

Hey you little sister,
  May God follow you always,
May the path always be clear
  As you live to celebrate more birthdays.

       ©Kikodinho Edward Alexandros.
#birthday #sister #poem
 Apr 2023
Edmund black
Baby , Please forgive me
For my clumsiness  
   For the overflowed
      Cup of heart
          For the fresh
             picked flowers
                With all the thorne
                  still attached
For the never ending
     Love letters ,
          For the breakfast
             In bed,
The foot massage
  To get your morning started.
                    Baby,  Please forgive me
           For the overwhelming,
             Phone messages to just
                Say I love you.
please forgive me
   For all the
      selfless things I do
         the sleepless nights
              Because I cannot rid
                    Not even for a brief
                            The good thoughts of you
                         Please forgive me
                     For my clumsiness
                 Because baby ,
It’s not that I’m a clumsy man
         It’s Just that I’ve never
     Been in love before

I’m in love with you
 Sep 2022
Irving MacPherson
It looks like I took
A turn for the worse
I hit a fork in the road
And came down
With some kind of voodoo curse

These monetary blues
I do detest
They've taken away
My happy-go-lucky
And put me under house arrest

My muse she flew
Out the backdoor
And is on the run
Screaming over her shoulder
It's not a crime to be unhappy
But it isn't any fun
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