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 Dec 2020
Seranaea Jones

i can just imagine how things would
end up, me being a little more than
hesitant to even consider vocalizing
myself "Live" to dozens of listeners


starting out on a platform in some school
gymnasium just a short million miles away
from the safety of my writing cubical deep
inside a worm hole underneath my domicile

im sure that a few in the crowd will wonder
what this thing is doing there, my thin, shaky
form walking erratically to center stage with a
tablet in one hand and a cup of water in the other—

well, it could be *****..

the microphone will be way too big for
what little i have to say, commencing
with an unsteady vocal that many will find
indistinguishable from man or woman,

the rhythm should get better after the first
of several stanzas, but i will have already
spotted the ombudsman standing near the
emergency exit listening in—

just as i feared,

and as our eyes meet, his expectation
of structure and rigidity will boil me
down to the hardwood floor, reducing
me to the basic size of a Cornish hen,

spun lengthwise upon his rotisserie,
roasting away as a smoldering torso
from his slow hand-cranked rotations

over the campfire which he will light his
cigarettes from, leaving me choking
from the smoke of his evaluations
as i drip into the cinders and
evaporate along with most
of my self ~esteem..

i realize that he'll just be some ghost
that has haunted my every attempt
at simple boldness,

but i know he is gonna be right there
if i ever climb up to laser like stares
and the wide-open ~hears~ of
kindred poets and curious ears,

an easy fellow to pick out—

he will be the one
holding my neck
in his hands...

s jones

 Jul 2018
Glenn Currier
About now she is having her first cup
in her java ritual of waking up
starting the day by feeding the birds
who swoop too eat and hear her words.

St. Francis is smiling up there
seeing her quiet presence and care
presence to what is real
in the moment and what it reveals.

The creator is in his or her creatures
in shape, contour and natural features.
I don’t need TV, *****, caffeine
or any other fix to intervene.

And it is good to have friends who are kind
who help the helpless and the blind
who feed birds and spirits of the down
not looking for applause or renown.

Knowing and loving and being there
for others, taking time to care.
Having friends like this - a treasure
impossible to repay or measure.

So when I’m tempted to medicate
in any fashion, let me meditate
or be present to friends or birds in flight,
let me abide in their darkness and their light.

Written 07/08/2018
Dedicated to my friend and fellow poet, Elizabeth Hobbs.
 Mar 2018
I have been to the highest edges
swept and covered by terrains
heavy rocks that pressed
pushing further as I uncovered
met robbers who seized my soul
as they promised a destroyed love
conceived of dark entities
cornered in the depths of the sea
frozen as the sun thaws the facets
one by one slept with restlessness
until I met an amazing powerful God
he set mine soul from the mire
he became the light of my darks
he searched and loved my depths
he gave me joy as no other did
he teaches me and holds my heart
he fills me with love like no other
One by one filled with utter joy
indescribable peace and freedom  
a cater to the veins of my roots
wiping all traumatic afflictions
the warrior of my worldly battles
to him this soul shall serve..... always
God love is like no other , he brought me life
I let go,
I lost my grip,
I couldn't hold on
any longer,

I felt my disappointed heart
break in two
when it became obvious
that I was no longer
"the strong her."

Whist falling I realised,
as my life flashed before my eyes,
that I regretted
the day that I surrendered my wings,
the very lifesaving things,
I, now, needed,

My soul shattered,
before hitting the ground,
knowing that I would meet my end

By Lady R.F  (C) 2017
 Apr 2017
Aaron Combs
There is a place where the rivers flow, and the weary eagles lay low,
It’s behind the shields of the earth, where the mountains serve as kings.
Displaying glory, wildlife, and peace, there’s a highway where the angels go.
And the battle of the night disappears, where nature finds power and healing.

It’s in the wounds, it’s in the blood, and it’s in the spirit,
That leads angels between the ring of mountains.
In the blue horizon, they swiftly sing in perfect lyrics.
And the land is laden in pure snow, healing the nations.

Like the clouds of the sky, in the thunder, you can see,
The six silver wings, and the Spirit that’ll set us free.
Super-stressed so I wrote this.
 Mar 2017
from the bank
I see the ghost of a pier
old posts standing solitaire
a ramp rotted, long gone

moored to one stubborn beam,
a bass boat, tethered to time, rocking
with the whims of the waters
fickle, but steady

storms upriver may hasten
the current, bloat the stream
though the flow never ends,
lapping against the hull

hiding inside are more ghosts:
phantom footfalls of fishermen,
odors as old as Eden, sounds
which once made songs

by those who cranked the motor,
manned the rudder and cast the lines
into the depths, seeking a tug--a pull
that meant dinner, a small success

a simple surrender of one species
to another, from beneath the surface
into the sun, a sublime suffocation,
then stillness before the gutting

many a day ended this way
the boat buoyed again to the dock
bellies then filled from the sacrifice,
the waters licking long the wood
 Mar 2017
Elizabeth Squires
beams of golden shine
rippled atop the creek's trace
glowing in shimmer
 Mar 2017
Elizabeth Squires
coursing in his veins
the blood of yellow hue
a sure verification
of a coward's cue

men of courage bore
a darker shade of red
there was such bravery
in the way they bled

behind them the craven
one so weakly stood
they'd be taking the bullets
meant for his hood

yellow with dishonor
spineless of back
not having the gumption
to face an attack

his veins so desperately
bereft of fortitude
they were so inglorious
in their aptitude
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