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 Nov 2015
Purple Rain
These feelings & emotions
Feel as if they are Infused inside,
A depressed state of mind  
Discovering myself is the hardest rhyme,
I drown in every hide tide
Never able to win
Restraining the pain within
My blood drys thin
Noise mutters from the hells next door
Waves crashing at the shore
Of my brittle skin
Crying on the edges of hell  
A heart that can't mend
Handling what I can't hold in
I swallow down my sins
 Jul 2015
Arlo Disarray
Through thin, paper walls
I hear the creaks and crawls
of unknown, bizarre entities

At nighttime I weep,
for I can't get to sleep
with the screams always here, endlessly

All the taps and the clicks,
with the tocks and the ticks
always echoing throughout my brain

The long, endless nights
in the strong, sleepless frights
are driving me mad and insane

And then at night, you see,
they simply torment me
while scraping inside of my mind

Their black fingernails
carving in deep details,
leaving them far too simple to find

The howls and the cries,
whispers, calls, and goodbyes
always leave me so frightened and pale

I can't help but be scared
when I'm so unprepared
listening to the ghosts scream and wail

I've taped open my eyes
so I'll reach no surprise,
I've gone mad now because I can't blink

These voices in my home
echo throughout my bones
and leave me here unable to think

When I turn out the lights
I'm attacked with these sights
of plasma floating in the air

Not a white draping sheet,
with no legs, arms, or feet,
just a ghost there to give me a **scare
 Feb 2015
Quip the Quandary
You know what would look great on the library wall?
Maybe, perhaps, a wrecking ball.
Who needs real books when we have the internet and e-readers?
Who needs live action plays when we have movie theaters?
Are you wondering why there isn't any shade in the park?
We needed to fill the playground with shavings of bark.
Who needs ideas when we have technological omnipotence?
Who needs a savior when we can be saved by our ignorance?

If you're shaking your head, let it be in a mirror,
until the mantra of this generation becomes clearer and clearer.
Consume. Materialize. Deceive. Repeat.
Gain it all for ourselves, it's Mother Nature's treat!
You don't have to believe our intent is for peace or procreation,
in order to confess you've contributed to the world's condemnation.
We were made to be stewards and by sharing, will thrive
if not in this world where the fittest [and fakest] survive.
as I post this on the internet, ha .
well played.
 Jan 2015
Haydn Swan
Who are we to at folly jest
when folly is at our behest
seek we humour at anothers expense
whilst all the while we sit on a fence
grass being greener on some other side
now folly in us shall reside
 Jan 2015
sarah kitchings
i am a glacier icy and white
the color of frostbite dark in the night
if you want to catch me it will take all your might cause ......
i am a glacier icy and white
 Jan 2015
That I know..

You are very much hurting everyday
You feel like you just can't get away
Tears of blood cloud in your eyes till you can't see
Hurting and hurting longing to be free

Tears congregate and form into a puddle
Silently you are masking the pain, the struggle
All these while you are suffering in silence
Quietly resisting the emotional violence

You lift your eyes, but dimmed with grief
Your sorrow lends but only weak relief
You die everyday, you are wearied
It's like you're dressed at the funeral of regret, not yet buried

The stabbing pain you don't wish to bare
Nothing could make you feel better even if you share
You are gathering the strength you have in your soul
To beat the drums, feed the fire with coal

You are dipping your pain in inkwell heart
And scrawling out what you are feeling
Those words becoming the tourniquet
You don't know when your heart will stop bleeding
How do I tell you..that I know..
Dedicated to all the all the bleeding hearts out there..
 Jan 2015
Arlo Disarray
Let's sit atop the stars in space, tonight.
We'll watch the world below, from in these skies.
And if you need an extra bit of light,
I'll go out and catch a million fire flies.

Let's have a picnic on top of the moon.
We'll push the sun away, and out of sight.
I'll sing to you, a happy little tune.
And we'll dance together in the starry light.

Let's lie up on the clouds, inside the sky.
We'll make love on top of our light, fluffy bed.
The world will hear my screams from way up high.
As our cool and cloudy sheets are being spread...
I think I'm falling for someone... <3
 Jan 2015
Edward Lear
There was an Old Man of Peru,
Who watched his wife making a stew;
But once by mistake,
In a stove she did bake,
That unfortunate Man of Peru.
I'll sing of all the ways I miss you
and how this sorrow came to be
the verses, lies I should have whispered
the chorus, truths in harmony.

The melody will break the silence
and call your broken heart to me
to be repaired by love unyielding
to broken hymns in minor key.
Depression lies and makes us push those we love most away, sometimes so far away that they can never return.
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