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 Mar 2017 Chase Anthony
Fly Fly away
Be free
You are broken out of your cage
Be free little butterfly
Fly Fly Away
Quick for I might take you back
Run Run
Fly Away
I will get in trouble
But fly be free and remember me
For I can't escape this cold confined prison
Fly Little
Red, wrinckled and balmed
Your shaky thigh, my sweaty palms.
What if I say, I am not like the others?
Are you afraid of seeing my bloodshot eyes?
It ain’t a delusion of your vision
It ain’t a theory of your hostile mind
Its just an authority to reveal high
As you ****** up in the midnight.

What if I declare, I like to be a pothead?
It ain’t a crime of your filthy society
It ain’t a ****** of your hypersexual beauty
Its just a power to absorb black hole
As you get dissolved in the infinity.

What if we believe, we are united peace?
Our intoxication could never be slayer as your humanity diminishes  
Our immune could never be a flame as your democracy fire burns  
Our dealing could never be an acrid as your judgments villainous
Our indignation could never be a pretender as your sensibility veiled
Our lonesome shadow could never be a congress of love as your realization mortifies
And our congregation of morality must have been psychedelic painkiller.

What if we deny, we are insignificant existence?    
So, who are you crippling our bloodshot eyes, A Social featherbrain?
Who are you to stop having "dopetherone" in the town, A godly crusader?
Who are you to proclaim the rule against your mind, A phrenetic lawyer?

What if we deny, we are insignificant existence?  
What if we believe, we are united peace?

We will keep walking with our head held high.*

April' 2015
 Mar 2017 Chase Anthony
In 1997
When I heard
princess Diana accident
something falls in me
a shadow,
Can feel the separation
of my shadow...
this how every human
would have felt
when cleopatra died...
 Mar 2017 Chase Anthony
Zero Nine
I thought you were my friend
we shared herb and spirits
with an addict in recovery
I've never really left this town like you
I broke my new tablet
while watching ducks from rocks
This ***** river bank
This ***** city may
Be the only ocean for me
Once my birth was simple:
you made me up unwillingly;
I leaped from your forehead like
Athena did from Zeus'.
You were more than just a father-figure
and back in those days
you found joy in my design.
From a glance of you
I learned the light,
from another the darkness itself.
I craved to know more
but somehow you lost the will teach me;
to finish my making real.
And now
in the embrace of
your torturing abandonment
I became my own midwife:
to learn my own creation,
to be my own design.
Lovesong for Hannibal
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