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Hallucinate BoY Jul 2020
Beauty can be sad or happy or sometimes neutralize. Night has its own beauties that scribed with the griefs of pleasure at dark. Darkness towards insanity, insanity towards sense, sense towards soul sighting to be written in poetry. That is how perceptual imagination should be inflicted thoughts that blackout sanity while waiting to hallucinate.
random thoughts
Hallucinate BoY Apr 2020
The beauty in your eyes, is me
The holiness inside your soul, is me
The hope in your mind, is me
The words of your mouth, is me
The mitochondria found in your cells, is me

Everything is me, you are the host
Living through prayer to life
spread sense of essence,
In pursuit of crumbling love.
5 April 2020
Hallucinate BoY Mar 2020
When sadness becomes beautiful
Know, I'll be your lover boy
Everything at once, will be yours forever

Strange days for a lonely mind
Will buy you a secret, a secret of grief
That will never been flourished, untill you say-
"When sadeness becomes beautiful
Know, I'll be your love forever"
31 March 2020
Hallucinate BoY Mar 2020
I wanted to remember the past,
I tried, tried a lot to know-
How was my thoughts
What was I loving
Where was I seeking
Who was my feeling

I wanted to get back the night
The night that has been disappearing before my sense
I tried, tried a lot to know-  
How was my abstract mind
What was I praying
Where was I travelling
Who was with I dreaming

I wanted to remember and I tried a lot but,
I was killed beyond retrieve
I was drilled by my heart  
I was erased by my memory,
To whom I was alive.
13 March 2020
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