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Cassian May 20
Though we may be meant for different people in another time
Let me slip off your heels while you loosen my tie
Till the potion wears off let’s live the lie
Cassian Oct 2018
I feel like curling into a ball
I miss myself
I miss warmth
I miss the feeling of a first loves kiss
The tingling in my fingertips
but all I’ve left is dark and grey
Cassian Oct 2018
I tried to find love
In a bottle
In ***
In drugs & cigarettes
A place to forget
A place to rest
But my heart still aches
And now I’m just hopeless
Cassian Jul 2018
Perhaps I’m just a mess
Or maybe I’m just lonely
But some nights I feel bitter
I crave for you to hold me
Cassian Apr 2018
Just for a moment
I was a time traveler
Nicotine, coffee beans
Trudging through the Ardennes
Running down some cobblestone road
I still don’t know where it goes
Just for a moment
I was a woman
A slightly distorted version of myself
Strong cheekbones petite nose
What are those?
Just for a moment
Seventy-three years ago
A machine gun in my hand
Making my last stand
Just for a moment
I was truly myself  
Something I’ve never felt
My soul is crying out
Cassian Mar 2018
Ain’t it funny
How we write poems
About people
Who will never
Get to read them
To make ourselves
Feel better
Crazy, scary, beautiful
Love’s a lot of things...
Funny? Yeah it’s funny
Cassian Mar 2018
You always point out every flaw dad
Always reminding me of everything I do wrong
You never cared how I felt dad
Always comparing me to someone else
I already know how stupid I am dad
Believe me I’ve been told thousands of times
That’s why I want to move away from you
You’ve made me feel alone dad
While still saying you’re my friend
I cared but you didn’t
That was my problem I accept responsibility for that
But the hardest part about letting go is that
I’ll never hear you running after me
Deep into the cold
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