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Cassian Jan 2018
Maybe I set my standards too high
Maybe I just like guys
Ha! Who am I kidding
I’ll love her till the day I die
Cassian Aug 2017
She kissed him hard and long
All at once his fear was gone
Sweet revolution on her tongue
Loosing the urge to run
His heart was hers
Her soul was his
Two thieves locking lips
Futile to resist
Stealing another kiss
Cassian Jun 2017
Just smile my friend
Smile till the end
You mustn't be so vile
I know it's been a while
But you were true and bold
You had peace in your soul
The love still changed you
It happened to me too
But hope still remains
To wash away the pain
So smile my love
Cassian Jun 2017
What is a poem but a maze of powerful words
that only the poet can truly understand
What is a poet but a man
a pencil in his hand
with every word he engraves upon her skin
he is pulled further
and further in
lost he is no more
left at the mercy of her soul
forever adrift in his words
her words

— The End —