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Bryle 5d
in this starry night
where the moon's nowhere to be found
the glitters in the space brightens
and in these specks of stardust
each containing a soul, a dream
wishes waiting to be fulfilled
they burn, worth a several lifetime
a significance, that the promises
tied in your fate, will be done
maybe in another timeline, different life

in the eyes of the dreaming
this night sky contains the hopes
of different beings looking
on that same night sky, filled with
stars shining on a dark space
they all find peace in the meaning
there is light in the dark
and that no matter how dim it is
it's still dazzling, its beauty perpetual
the dreaming once again prepares
maybe in another night
the dreams will be done
to remind the dreaming to be hopeful whatever the situation might be
Bryle 5d
how wonderful it is
for your soul to be touched with love
the gentle, kind, and compassionate

forever gently touched
may your soul be a kindling fire
faithfully loved, eternally burning
to show that a gentle love will make changes to one's soul
Bryle Mar 3
Self love will always be
And will always be a struggle
It's the constant acceptance
Of you lacking, of your own flaws
It's the dissonance between
Settling for what's in store or
Trying to see what's for more

Self love is about
Answering the screams you hear
Inside your head once everything
Has settled and calmed

Self love is about
Addressing your fears, of what is
Keeping you awake at night

Self love is about
Letting your tears fall, letting your
Emotions take over every while
For self love is not about sparkles
For it is dark, painful, and tiring

It's hard, isn't it
Bryle Dec 2020
"love is about commitment"
'then why did you leave?'

love is about commitment
but like other things, love
changes, in an instant
one moment love is blooming
one moment love is dying

and a dying love cannot commit
and a dying love cannot promise
and a dying love cannot stay
Bryle Oct 2020
It is a lie when they told that there's nothing to lose
If someone hadn't loved you back
Never they had realized that heartbreaks happen too
when you lose your chance to make someone fall for you
Bryle Oct 2020
It comes like a lightning
The thoughts you've buried beneath
Written on the back of your notes
Deep within your heart, it is kept
It lingers, like a strong perfume scent
Only needs a bit to last til midnight
You keep coming back and forth
Going in circles and in circles again
Like a madman running on a loop
The memories, haunting, like a ghost
The traumas, fears, doubts, a wound
You then find yourself, looking too far
Wondering if you can gaze at those
Reasons that put you in a situation
Fell on a standstill, drowned in tides
A scar on the chest, passing as its
Only band aid, deep cuts opening as
Each fragments returning in times
Past, a favorite, a comfort changing
Into a disaster full of calamities
Shattering the very foundation built
On faith, security, and assurance
It always knocks, but there are times
It forces its way in. It's unexpected
Waiting on the bus stop
Working within a deadline
Making a cup of coffee
Just lying around, tired of everything
And in your idle state, no one knows
You are quietly breaking, falling apart
Bryle Aug 2020
It was cold, I realized
Even though it’s still summer
The gentle night breeze made me shiver
Made me reached for my dampened blanket
Longing for that ever warming comfort
I am sure there are noises
But there was only silence
Existing in that dimly lit small space
Then it dawned me, it is in all futility
To ever hear those voices inside
As it doesn’t want to be heard
It only wanted to scream a never ending
Cycle of thoughts all made up
As restless as I am, I closed my eyes
Hoping that sunrise would meet me and
Stop my mind from totally breaking apart
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