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Mila P Apr 2019
From the perspective of those who dream;
Follow the sun.
Little rays of hope can create a whole universe of your own.
Follow the sun for it may be your ultimate victory in creating a world filled with goals and desires, that can extend in ways you may never imagine
Mila P Feb 2019
What are dreams?
Are they little scenes
of the life you imagine having?
Or are they films that make you
think your life through over and
over again?
Dreams are endless; yet they last
for a millisecond.
Dreams are the metaphor of a perfect life;
yet a life you will never have.
Dreams are life.
Mila P Jan 2019
“Mirror mirror,on the wall,who is the greatest of them all?”

“O my dear,i can not tell you this.”

“Why not? Aren’t I the greatest? “

“Dear,if i tell you,you will break me.”

“Just tell me i am the greatest!”

“Sweet girl,you are not the greatest,and you know it. You are a human just like everyone else.

I could tell you what you wanted to hear but i would be lying to you.
Mirrors don’t lie.

You are not the greatest.
You are human.
I’ve been told that humans are not perfect; you have your best features but you also have your flaws.

So how can i tell you that you’re the greatest if you have flaws too?
Accept it. You’re normal,and normal is beautiful.”
Mila P Jan 2019
What are thoughts?
O sweet mind,
you fill me up with your pain.

You have so much to say,
yet you say nothing.

What are your thoughts?
NO, don't tell me.
Don't give me pain
when i don't deserve it.

Yet you tell me;
a million words,
a million more images,
and i am suddenly lost;
Lost in my own thoughts
with nowhere to go.

I don't want to do it,
i don't want to listen to you.

O sweet mind,
you make me suffer.
Sometimes we tend to think too much and we go beyond our thoughts.
It can make us weaker, when we are thinking about something  but we can't express it. Thoughts can be bad, unless we know *** to control them.
  Jan 2019 Mila P
Lauren Johnson
I will spread dirt into every crevice of my broken heart and plant flowers so big and beautiful, that their roots will mend all the shattered pieces back together, and you’ll never be able to see the mess I used to be.
Mila P Jan 2019
The sweet morning smell of coffee,
the rustling of leaves outside,
a sour taste of January in my mouth,
wait,what is time when we are inside?
Time is an illusion;
Time is a game in our minds,
which we are bound to follow.
In the night we sleep,
morning we wake up,
afternoon we have coffee
and then we take off our makeup.
Time is an illusion;
so learn to live on no hours,
and learn to be happy with your only human powers.
Time is an illusion; present,past,and future are all together and all now.
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