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 Apr 2016 Gillian Drake
Angie S
i cut my hair off once
i used to feel the ends tickle my back
but then i ran my fingers through my hair and
reached my shoulders.
i held my head higher and stood taller.
there's a saying that when you cut your hair short
you get a new beginning.
once those frayed ends are let loose,
a new life opens its doors for the new you.
but i didn't see a new door so
i cut it again and
now its too short for my liking.
and i hold the door shut.
i guess i have to grow it out again before
i try anything else with it.
i started this a few days ago and half-heartedly wrapped it up... the inspiration from that moment is gone. oops. i'll try again later
Had poet's breakfast
this morning; a tasty bowl
of Synonym Life.
Silly bear.  Many would find Froot Loops more apropos for me.
 Feb 2016 Gillian Drake
Why is *** called making love
when there are so many other acts,
far less physical, far less cheap, than that?

The world reveals pristine, porcelain skin
over untouched and idle thoughts.
Undresses limbs over addressing morals,
Grips headboards over words,
Scrambles bedsheets over aspirations.

But fine, go ahead, call it love,
and wonder why young generations
grasp blindly at the concept
and consider themselves fools,
falling down again.
 Feb 2016 Gillian Drake
Angie S
i want to hold you the way
leaves hold drops of dew in the morning light.
the new day shines but
not as brightly as you, my dear
i just saw a musical all about love so i have to get the feeling of wanting to fall in love out somehow, before i actually do
Fleeting November clouds-
stained with red wine,
fill the sky like one-hundred
crystal glasses,
finally spilling onto the white cloth-
of the Earth's winter table.
November 28, 2014
I wanta write a poem for the ages.
For the George Washingtons
of my generation.
I wanta write a poem for the ages.

For the Thomas Jeffersons
and the
Benjamin Franklins who
aren't afraid to dream of
words that haven't been
and things that have
yet to be
I wanta write a poem for the ages.

For the
Revolutionaries who
have yet to be
For the Paul Reveres
who have yet
to take their midnight
one if by land,
two if by sea.
one if by land,
two if by sea.

I wanta write a poem for the ages.

For the
modern day
Lewis and Clarks who
explored a land beyond
exploration's eye.
For the Sacagawea guides that
guide from a shining sea
to a sea of gold.
For the immigrants who
traversed waters of salty tears
made solely of their own fears.
I wanta write a poem for the ages.

For the slaves held captive
not by their captors,
but by their own fears,
and dreams.
Afraid to pursue a land
just slightly beyond their own
R          e          a          c          h.

I wanta write a poem for the ages.
For the conductors of the railroad
that was unseen.
The one that ran not on
coal and steam,
but the one that
ran on

I wanta write a poem for the ages,
for the Teddy Roosevelt
and the Stravinsky
concert pianists
and the Maya Angelou
and the,

I wanta write a poem for the ages.
For the soldiers battling
for a cause they didn't
even start.
For the lives that gave their
lives for a cause,
because they believed in
The cause.

I wanta write a poem for the ages.
For the Daddy who's still
looking for work,
For the Mommy who has
given up
For the widow and
her orphan,
For the soup kitchens
that can't
stay open long enough.
For the failing

I wanta write a poem for the ages.
For the mustached
man in Germany
rising to a power
ever Grand.
For the nations willing to
ignore it if they can.
For the day that everything
December 7th, 1941
will forever live
in infamy.

I wanta write a poem for the ages.
For the unconquered Jews who
fought back.
For Anne Frank and her

I wanta write a poem for the ages
For the modern day
Martin Luther King
For the ones
Aren't afraid to challenge a
System designed to
fight against them.
For the
modern day
Claudette Colvins.
The ones who
aren't afraid to sit down
to make a stand.

I wanta write poem for the ages
For the modern day
Buzz Aldrins
who are
altogether underrated
because they came in

I wanta write a poem for the ages.
A poem that speaks louder
than words
and goes beyond

So I wrote a poem for the ages.
Sorry for excluding you, FDR. I still love you.

Also, Claudette Colvins was the original Rosa Parks

And a final thanks goes out to Angie, who inspired me not to give up on this poem, and to keep fighting even when I ran out of words. <3 <3
You could say hello
and my lungs would heave more than
the euphoric sigh.


Please don't say goodbye,
for I avoid beginnings
and you're worth the try.
2 different haikus to make 1 poem.
© 2015 Izzah Batrisyia
 Mar 2015 Gillian Drake
Chances are
I’m going to lose it all
my passion for music
and love of writing
my friends
and all our memories
close relationships
lost at sea
slowly floating to the bottom
like specks of golden dust
only to be discovered
when it’s too late
and I’m gone
I don't know just thinking about the future and all the changes it's going to bring I guess.
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