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Izzah Batrisyia May 2015
You realise your gaze,
As you watch the grace of her footsteps,
While she sings your favourite tune,
Through the hollows of her teeth,
Under the blankets of her breath.

One, two and three,
The purity of a clear glistened pool,
Coins of the unknown faith,
With the leather-slippered angel,
And the acrylic colours of Rome.
© 2015 Izzah Batrisyia
Izzah Batrisyia May 2015
The constant numbness,
Hitting straight to my bones,
And the only thing I can feel,
The heavy weight of emptiness.

The state of mind: allure,
A rainy day with hot summer Sun,
With tears of powdered sugar,
Unfinished songs of trance.

Can I fall out of my arms,
They're feeling ever so sore.
You see stars inside the sea,
And I want to swim with the moon.
The night I turned 17.
© 2015 Izzah Batrisyia
Izzah Batrisyia Apr 2015
The slightest hope I had,
Still clinging onto your fingers,
Even when we're light years apart,
And the closest thing to you is the moon.

Are your hours longer,
Is your flame still burning strong,
Do you look into the sky,
Wonder what if you hadn't gone?

I wish I could hold your hand,
So bits of your hope would cling on to me,
But I cease to exist in your dimension,
Yet you still linger in my reality.
(I haven't seen the movie)
© 2015 Izzah Batrisyia
Izzah Batrisyia Apr 2015
Change is inevitable.
Oh how she could have evaded
the kisses you have planted
on the soil of her skin.

"Water me,"
she asked and waited,
as flowers wilted around her frame,
a garden of grim.

Four falls passed,
an eco-system to adapt,
for she rained and she rayed,
for a garden, fond of the placid.

Oh she was a forest,
but just a garden she saw,
you admired her flowers
and tied it to a string.

The bouquet you made,
of her peonies and petunias,
the bits of her you plucked,
only for your own regard.

The parts of me you have messed with,
grew gloomy but shall never wilt,
for another fall shall pass,
and a garden of placid I shall fulfill.
© 2015 Izzah Batrisyia
Izzah Batrisyia Mar 2015
You could say hello
and my lungs would heave more than
the euphoric sigh.


Please don't say goodbye,
for I avoid beginnings
and you're worth the try.
2 different haikus to make 1 poem.
© 2015 Izzah Batrisyia
Izzah Batrisyia Mar 2015
Shall you discover that,
Her eyes are not as big as the moon,
Skin not golden but a tanned pink,
You could never tell woe and her apart.

By the passenger seat of her jaw,
A chipped tooth hidden behind a laugh,
The oddest tint of awe,
The asymmetry of the softest flesh.

As she strips off one by one,
The realisation of obscurity,
An alien to what you have perceived,
To be just another mediocre heart.

For she lingers around death,
And you are terrified of the dark,
A girl far from pretty,
The girl who radiates like the Sun.
That "oh ****" moment.
© 2015 Izzah Batrisyia
Izzah Batrisyia Mar 2015
And I shall write for what may be the future,
Or to the daughter of the night.

*As darkness eats you up,
And ruins the architecture of your bones,
******* your soul out of your heart.

A Tardis I do not own,
To enter your space time continuum,
To save your universe from falling apart.

Inside a dim lit room,
Shows a screen of the CCTV footage,
Of the robbery of innocence.

You are so far out of reach,
Anxious to the sense of touch,
Anxious for you to sleep.

I am outside this dark dark room,
I will not bang on the door,
I will not leave too soon.

Don't worry,
I will read you stories of the light,
And you will see the stars of the night.
For India's daughter, and every other daughter out there.
© 2015 Izzah Batrisyia
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