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clementine Jul 2020
isn't it just too painful that you have found your future on someone's eyes that loves someone else?
clementine Jul 2020
i am not contented with who and where i am
my life is still messy and ain't perfect
it’s corrupted and it’s ugly
and there’s something that i need
an unfamiliar greed and so
i sit here listening to sad songs
and let myself drown with sadness
a g a i n.
my sad hours are coming :>
clementine Jul 2020
blank pages and crumbled papers
i scribbled down then throw it later
inkless pen and broken proses
tragic poetries like thorns of roses
caged in darkness
chained by sadness
i have no tears left to cry
i'm gonna take a break,
g o o d b y e
got so many ideas but i have no words to put.
clementine Aug 2020
your shiny fangs
kissed my skin.
i closed my eyes,
"i will never win."
you sipped my blood
to quench your thirst.
yes, that's right. drink it.
drink it
until there's nothing left.
drink it
until my skin turns pale.
drink it
until my heart stops beating.
drink it
until i stop breathing.
if this is what makes you happy,
i'm willing to die for you.
she doesn't have any self-love.
clementine Jul 2020
hands touching
hearts burning
slow dancing

he held her
close to him
and kissed her

eyes staring
tears pooling
"farewell, love."
i thought you were the one for me.
clementine Aug 2020
i have always been enough, now i understand.
far away from you, this is where i stand.
you being my solace was a mistake.
pills of euphoria i must take.
clementine Jul 2020
never steal a girl's heart if you don't have any plans on keeping it.
clementine Jul 2020
like a hurricane
you came to me
and made a mess
then left my heart
in shattered pieces
clementine Aug 2020
kiss me under the rain.
put me in a trance where i couldn't escape.
baby, lock me in your heart.
clementine Jul 2020
i like me when i'm with you
when you hold me in your arms so tight
and my shoulders that you bite
oh baby, i would love to be with you for years
you whispering sweet words in my ears

one cozy afternoon,
while we're watching our favorite cartoon
hands clasped and forehead kisses
i closed my eyes and recall my wishes
this is what i wish for and i couldn't ask for more

a loud noise banged at the door
suddenly, a drunken man fell to the floor
then, his gang came in and punched you
metal clanking and bubblegums they chew
i shouted in terror when they hit you hard

white flowers and black outfits
what did we do for them to throw a fit?
i could still remember the bloods
and how they throw you on the muds
baby, i miss your touch on mine.
i miss you.
clementine Jul 2020
I hope she has a good life.
I hope she has friends that she can lean on.
I hope she never overthinks at night.
I hope she never encounters depression and anxiety.
I hope everyone loves and cares for her.
I hope everyone accepts her flaws.
I hope everyone understands and respects her.
I hope she can find a man whose willing to sacrifice for her.
I hope she can do whatever she wants.
I hope she never shed a tear without knowing why.
I hope she has confidence.
I hope she can decide on her own.
I hope that every moment in her life is a worth to remember.
I hope she's not drown by sadness.
I hope she's happy unlike me.
clementine Aug 2020
i'll dive into the ocean of words
and weave metaphors
just to get
clementine Aug 2020
i already gave my best
i already did my part
but i think it's time for me to take a rest.
clementine Aug 2020
they hate me for being me
and so, i changed myself
the way they want me to be
but they seem to hate me more.
i don't know where to
put my shoe anymore.
i don't know what to do
clementine Oct 2020
'twas August when i cried alone
always been on my own
but i wish someone was there
while i was in despair.

i wish someone held my hand
and whispered that i will be able to stand
after this dreadful dream
and just let my emotions scream.
clementine Oct 2020
i just wanna sleep peacefully,
without any traces of tears
nor traces of misery.
i just want to sleep
without remembering the past.
the words that crushed me,
chained me,
and imprisoned me
to a cavernous place.
clementine Jul 2020
you let him into
your heart,
not knowing
the lies
he kept within.
clementine Sep 2020
fairy floss skies and white beaches surrounded by azure seas, saw you with your charcoal hair blown by the wind. your muscular arms wrapped around me and kissed the tips of my fingers. your voice drew me like how a pollen draws a butterfly and said i'll be your forever horizon. then, someone once asked me why am i always lost in my cerulean reveries. i told them, perhaps, reality aches.

under the furls of wavering clouds, all i see is that untouched stare. untouched feeling of something magical. tried to reach you but suddenly you turned into a flurry of snow. snowflakes, just like dreams, beautiful but falls down and melts. i just want you to find me, to fill these gaps betwixt this void in my heart.

"but you're just a fantasy, a fruit of my imagination."
"but you're just a fantasy, a fruit of my imagination."
"but you're just a fantasy, a fruit of my imagination."

no more fantasies and no more lovesick daydreams, gotta face reality but i'm afraid. afraid to touch the tips of the authenticity of love. lost and confused. i don't know what to do. perhaps, i'm gonna let it come to me once again.

gently whispering enchanting spells to my dreamy ears, bringing me to the majestic feathery silk of flowers. putting me into a cavernous sweet slumber. yes, drown me again.

"you'll never be a forgotten reverie."
"you'll never be a forgotten reverie."
"you'll never be a forgotten reverie."
still lost
clementine Aug 2020
hey, i dreamt of you last night
and it felt so real.
you're like a star
that shines so bright in a vast sky
and the only thing i wished to be
is for you to be with me.
i may not be a great poet like Shakespeare —
but please do take care of my heart.
please do love me like how i love you.
clementine Aug 2020
your skin is made of cosmic foliage —
voice that is mellifluous to my ears.
beneath your pulchritudinous image,
you're engulfed in pain for years.

i know you want to go back to those halcyon days.
love, you were irenic to your chaotic mind
because you know no one stays
and loneliness you only find.

you look up at a gloomy night sky
and smiled at a solitary coruscant star.
telling your heartfelt miseries to a butterfly —
you're a walking, breathing and talking scar.

i inscribe this poem to a quaintrelle
whose undeniably sturdy yet frail.
a shakespearean sonnet
clementine Jul 2020
slowly falling in despair,
we were never the perfect pair.

i was willing to do anything
but i remembered we weren't even a thing.
you make my heart flutter
whenever sweet words you utter.

tormented by your fake love– i kept it hidden.
unshed tears and pain inside i hid.
sending signs of chaos from within,
the line between us was so thin.

i kept knocking on your walls.
you're the future I crave for and i gave my all
but then i saw you with her and you were perfect together.
just like gravitation belonging to matter and not to ether.
clementine Sep 2020
canvas and brushes on the floor,
trying to paint the promises you swore
but i can't seem to find the perfect colors.
trying to blend everything for hours.

different shades on a ***** palette.
different hues on a warm jacket.
nothing seems to fit right
but i still tried covering it with white.

hoping it will be beautiful again,
i sighed and drink my champagne.
i'm still hoping though the result's quite obvious.
stared at other's pieces and now i'm envious.

the life i've been trying to live
was all a lie, i believe
i gave all i could give
but in the end, i'm the one who grieved.
clementine Jul 2020
why do people make promises that they couldn't keep?
clementine Aug 2020
take my heart and break it
make me love and cry
make me think like it
only to expect and nothing betides

happenstance is luck
but luck is foreign to me
the only thing i wished to be
is for you to be with me

reasons aren't present
so why should i think so?
it's my mind that takes me
to places i shouldn't go

expectations hurt
but it always has a way
hope is different
when there's no reason to
think that way

intoxicated by you
fading into blue
i just want a person i fear to lose
because your love is the one
thing i wish i knew

my hearty intentions
hurt so bad
i could be so knuckleheaded
to think we'd have a chance

the story i wished to play
wasn't written in the stars
so i'll say goodbye, to your love...
and deal with a broken heart
clementine Aug 2020
she's a poet —  
whose soul is a mystery  
and is full of loneliness.

she's a poet —
whose mind is overflowing with ethereal beauty of words
and mellifluous screams of agony .                                        

she's a poet —  
who uses tears as her ink
and scarred skin as her crumpled paper.

she's a poet —    
who weaves majestic metaphors
and sails through her ocean of thoughts.

she's a poet —  
who sits at a dark corner of the room  
and cried into poetry by her tears that are made of ink.
clementine Aug 2020
but if you'll look deeper,
                  she's a broken soul
that needs to be save.
clementine Aug 2020
eyes alike
                       astronomical object

                          s            ­ from

  ­                                 a

         c  o  s  m  i  c   g  a  l  a  x  y  ,

        the   s  u  n   and   m  o  o  n


           and   r  e  f  u  s  e  d   to

s             h                 i                   n                  e

                               even in a

l                    m                                     d
    a                    a                               u
       r                      g                       o        
         g                       e                 l
            e                        l          c      
       ­                                  l

        ­               i can tell that

                    ­               a
                         ­           e
a poem for you:))
clementine Aug 2020
champagne and kisses
under the starry night sky
indeed, you look happy with her
should i?
clementine Aug 2020
rushing in,
can't stop it.

pain consumed
my system,
making scars.

heavy breaths,
tears falling.
please, save me.
clementine Jul 2020
i wasn't enough for you from the start,
baby, in your eyes—i was never an art.
the world is full of shade and prose.
a phantom pain in my heart rose.

your heart and mine will never link,
i cried into poetry by my tears that are made of ink.
hair flowing amidst July breez⁠—i sat by the stake,
struggling with pain that i couldn't take.

i recall the sweet lies you told,
i think it'll hunt me 'til i'm old.
in my heart you left a scar,
heart raced as fast as a car.

in your deception i'm stuck,
hairs behind my ears that you tuck.
in the middle of the path, i tread
with emotions i feel that are hard to read.

monotone whispers of the devil.
unconciously, i smiled like an evil,
stared at the strands of my hair that i pluck.
i'm gonna end this pain, wish me luck!

i'd rather end myself than to recall your sweet lies.
clementine Aug 2020
you promised that you'll be happy again
but why are you still in the dark?
why are you being chained by anxiety?
does your past still haunts?
when will it be gone?

one minute, you said you're fine
then the next minute, you're cryin'
you said you can't understand yourself
is that true?
then, did you fake your smiles?
your laughs?
i bet your wishes are all the same.

you just wish to be happy.
you wish to be free from sadness.
you wish for something that is possiible to happen.
there's nothing wrong in trying to be happy.

but, what did you do?
what did you do to your wrist?
why are the bleeding?
what's under those bandaids on your skin?
what's that you're trying to hide?

you promised me
but why are you letting those dark demons fill you again?
why can't you be strong?
why can't you fight them?
why are tou letting them in?

you're life is nothing like a fairytale.
you're not a 'damsel in distress',
there is no prince that will save you.

wake up, honey
and face reality.
don't break your promise.
love yourself.
and most iimportantly,
b   e     h   a   p   p   y.
love yourself, okay?
clementine Jul 2020
help, my wings are tied
and i can't fly.
help, i want to soar high,
just like the birds in the sky
but my wings are tied
and i can't fly.
clementine Aug 2020
i stared at the sea
slowly drowning in the rhythmic percussion of waves on sand.
face aglow with the last orange rays before twilight beckons the stars.

the ataraxia of the deep blue sea
brings back memorable memories
of you and me wanting to be free
and feeling the September breeze

you're like the waves
who keeps coming to me then running away
then coming back again
baby, aren't you worned out?

i tried to grasped you in my arms
but you keep slipping away
you raveged my heart
leaving it in disarray pieces

was i a fool?
to still wait for you?
you're already gone
without a trace and you never came back.
clementine Jul 2020
whenever i saw your name,
it sends shivers down my spine
and it makes my heart flutter.

but now,

whenever i saw your name,
it makes me cry
and tears my heart into pieces.
clementine Jul 2020
you said you love me
but where were you?
when i lost my way?
when i needed you the most?
when i needed a friend to lean on?
when i needed care?
when i needed to save myself?

you said you love me
but why are you beside her?
laughing while i'm here crying
you left my heart in disarray pieces
leaving me hopeless

you said you love me
was that all a lie?
with teary eyes
and bitter smile
i caressed your face,
"i will now let you go."
it still hurts tho.

— The End —