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is not a feeling,
but rather a process,
it’s wanting to burst out
in laughter when you fall
for the same trap twice,
and shedding tears
when you least expect it,
it’s being able to experience
emotions that you thought you had lost
touch of, sight of,
it’s looking at yourself
in the mirror
and loving the broken
version as much as the healed one.
 Oct 2020 clementine
 Oct 2020 clementine
When I was a child,
I was taught poetry wasn't mild,
It was deep as the sea,
And it seemed truly unachievable for me.
I was taught poetry had to rhyme,
Every single line, every single time.
So poetry seemed out of my reach,
Like chasing a seagull down a beach,
Jumping ever so slightly away,
Or soaring into the sunny day.

So I never thrived for what I thought would,
No, Could
Never be.

I guess now I'm fixing the mistakes of past me.
 Sep 2020 clementine
Imran Islam
When I am a young poet
I love to make my dreams
come true like sunbeams.
I never want to be late.
Love dreams of me, I bet!

I would shine the world
with my lovely poems.
I will make the streams
and just won't be ribald.
Love will come to me, I bet!

Lately my soul screams
for the beautiful nature,
Lives are like ice creams
and all souls will be a vapor!
That will happen, I believe it.

I love you and the creation
Please lemme stay a while!
God, I need your supervision
I bow to you and always will!
I always want to be perfect.
Inspired by Thomas W Case's poem " Marmalade of the Heart"

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 Aug 2020 clementine
John Destalo
I remember
it was dark

the flame
of a candle

cast a


a path

to our secret

we dare
not breathe

we could
lose our

light or
give away

our secret
 Aug 2020 clementine
Skylar R
A smile,
That was alluring,
A smile,
That was amusing,
A smile,
That was understanding,
How was I blind when you came to stab me with that stunt?
Was this yet another trick of the blunt?
I’ve lost the meaning of true friendship... were all people raised this way or were their parents neglecting their children?
*Thanks to ApoorvaNV for suggesting to change the word “Mist” to “blunt”. Much appreciated.
 Aug 2020 clementine
The poetry isn’t in all these words —
It’s in knowing I survived them.
Holy smokes! Thank you everyone for all of the support! I don’t come here too often so I did not expect this; what a beautiful surprise ♥️
 Aug 2020 clementine
JK Cabresos
Love is not blind,
but he who did not see your worth.
Copyright © 2018
 Aug 2020 clementine
John Destalo
my feet lift
and land

in a slow rhythm

no deadlines
no intentions

I take in the
clean air

feel my lungs

feel the blood

from head to toe

let my mind

to the clouds

I see through
the mist

of most days
and live in

this moment
i dreamt of you last night.
why does it feel surreal?

why does it feel so real?
 Aug 2020 clementine
Afeksi cita
It's okay, you don't always have to smile
It's okay to cry for a little while
Sometimes life can be hard
But it's okay, you don't have to play all of it's parts

It's okay, don't be scared to let it go
Cause soon you'll find your own glow
Yes, there will come the time when you'll find it
And soon all your tears and fears will be wort it.
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