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 May 2023 birdy
 May 2023 birdy
When I die
plant me like a seed at the roots of a willow tree
so that I may be reborn amongst Her roots,
and travel to the tips of Her ever swaying leaves;
Let me fervently fight the stillness of death,
forever whipping and lashing,
with Her branches.
 Mar 2023 birdy
smoking gun
 Mar 2023 birdy
you looked at me
through half-closed lids
sleepy smile on your lips
my hand touched yours
swiftly exchanged the smoking gun
I watched your lips wrap around it
and wished it was me instead
if I could freeze time
it would be that moment
locked in the smoky room
and the prison of your mouth
 Feb 2023 birdy
Aislinn Vesper
You know emptiness,
when only a strong pain can make you feel something.
 Aug 2022 birdy
how do i tell you?
how do i put into syllables the roaring of emotions i feel within?
the loneliness that plagues me
the regrets that haunt me
the ache in my chest
& the lack of air when i choke on all the words that are waiting behind my tongue to stumble out that i push back down so that i dont ruin the moment
how do i tell you i miss you?
without it sounding so desperate for connection?
how do i tell you i need you?
without causing you to worry that i should be hospitalized again?
how do i tell you how deeply i love you?
without suffocating you or making you assume it's romantic?
how do i tell you that i cry at your photos?
feeling left behind like a photograph of a memory you no longer have
i radiate with pride for how far you have come, for how beautiful your soul is
& slowly drips in the jealousy of a forgotten feeling, happiness
i can't remember the last time i woke up to feel content & secure within myself
i can't remember the last time i felt loved & grateful for more than a few fleeting seconds
before the imposter syndrome takes over to steal the moment away from me
somewhere deep in the cobwebbed hallways of my mind, i know
i know that you would care that im in pain
that im struggling to stay alive
somehow i know
& yet that very thought is exactly what prevents me from saying a word
you cannot know how hollow i've become
you cannot see the person you once knew wither away before your eyes
how do i tell you how ashamed i am of myself
falling back on all the bad habits you were once so proud i thought i had gotten past
falling victim to the same toxic love i barely escaped before
how do i tell you how desperately i cling to anything that can alleviate the pain for a single day
the food, the shopping, the desire to self destruct constantly looming over my existance
how do i tell you without being vulnerable
what joke could i tell that would reveal it all but keep me in the safety of my aloneness that i have grown to find comfort in
how do i tell you...
 Aug 2022 birdy
 Aug 2022 birdy
Press me against you
Like flowers in a book
 Aug 2022 birdy
what does it make me
when i kiss a stranger?
let him have his way with me
because i crave danger?

what does it make me
when i wear a short dress
pair it with tattoos and piercings
just to express and none to impress?

what does it make me
when i like to have fun
with a cig or a drink
in my leather jacket and messy bun?

what does it make me
when i sleep with a 100 men
and don't wait for a husband
to break my ******' *****?

what does it make me
when i like to stay alone
love or date nobody
and be happy on my own?

what does it make me
when i talk to guys for hours
listen to their stories
and try to heal their scars?

what does it make me
when i post **** pictures
of myself in a red lipstick
with cocktails and mixtures?

what does it make me
when i don't want babies or want five
because motherhood is a choice
and not just a means to survive

what does it make me
a ****, a ***** or something more gore?
a pretty girl you'd love to ****
and be done with once you tuck?
or a pure little submissive
with whom you can be dismissive,
a good wife who's got no drive
and on your mercy shall she thrive?

what does it make me, eh?
it makes me whoever the hell i want to be
a replica of a celebrity or plain ol' boring me
for i don't want the society to be my benefactor
i am enough for me and my perfectly imperfect character!
i have been trying to write this poem for months's a topic very close to me and i am sure to many people around's not just the girls who are judged, even guys are but i wrote it from my the end its OUR PROBLEM......but we gotta live here and bring a change in this stubborn *** world.......and those who can't accept the way we are, well they can go and **** themselves.
 Jun 2022 birdy
William J Donovan
They said I needed help.
They admitted me to the
ward of madness and shoved
pills into me that made me a
scarecrow. A man of straw
shaking mad in the wind as
weak as my resolve to be me.
I never came to life again.
I died in bright light at peace.
The crows sent me on my way.
 Jun 2022 birdy
Eshwara Prasad
When friendship becomes a yearning for everything else, the yarn of friendship will fray.
 May 2022 birdy
We don’t see the carrots to be cut,
We see the sharp knife that could cut us.

We don’t see the bridge,
We see the other side of the railings.

We don’t see painkillers,
We see medication we could drown ourselves in.

We don’t see the train,
We see the tracks we could lay on.

We don’t see the nice view,
We see the cliff's edge we could jump off.
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