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You built me up as smart
Now you calling me a fool
You make fun
You make the promises a blur
Maybe I am dumb for letting it sinks
That I am so smart and unique

You stocked yours words in my mind
You didn't let me even think
Now I'm here
Getting the waves standing in my feet
I should never fell for your words
All you did was pull me backwards

-I hate it when I feel dumb
Callamasttia May 17
Off all the things I said
"I will do no  more "
At the top of the list is
"Do not beg for love"

- don't be upset, I'm just following rules that have been preset
Callamasttia May 11
When it's all done
They gonna say they did care
They don't understand
They didn't see it coming
They could never knew what was going on
But how could you?
When you're always floating around
But never close enough to help me up

- my head, a wall and my forehead crying blood.
Callamasttia May 10
You didn't want to **** me
So you did left me half dead
Now I bleed slowly
Wishing you had cold blooded ****** me

- It wasn't kindness, it was cowardice.
Callamasttia May 10
I miss who I was with you
Now I'm just someone I don't want around

- I wonder who you are now
Callamasttia May 9
I understand the love for sunrise
But sunsets
Are something else
Something about the melancholy
Of dark overcoming the easy blue
A daily process
But always new

- Sunset mean its already too late into the day for me to worry
Callamasttia Apr 27
My head won't let me sleep

The wind sing outside
And all I can do it's hear

Too silent to be calm
Thoughts too loud to breathe it out

It's either black or white
I miss the shades of grey in my life

I miss not being aware of the "if" and "perhaps"
I know where I wanna be, but not how to get there

- I miss the childhood comfort of someone else making decisions for me
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