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Nimisha Yadav Mar 2019
Do you feel it?
The rising sun,
The blooming lilies,
The chirping birds,
The cooling breeze.
Do you feel it?
Caress by a mother,
Soft hug by a brother,
A kiss by the lover,
Sweet time with a friend forever.
Do you feel it?
The favorite read,
The favorite tune,
My favorite play,
And, oh the full moon.
Now, do you feel it?
No, I don't.
I can't find the source.
Again, I asked myself,
What is it that you seek?
A meagre amount of pure
Nimisha Yadav Feb 2019
You fight with it, you fight for it.
You live with it, you die for it.
You win some, you lose some.
You might get it or probably not.
Nimisha Yadav Feb 2019
She is a queen,
The colour of love,
The symbol of affection,
The goddess for all.
She owns a kingdom,
With different shades to portray
Each with a meaning,
Do with it what you may.
She is an enchantress,
But I do not respect her.
She might be mesmerizing,
But that's not how I see her.
She could help you win the king
And also a princess.
She could help you win some hearts
But, oh she is treacherous.
She deceits you with her beauty,
And betrays you with her scent.
Once if you cut her,
She is nothing good but dead.
Knowing all this,
Only then do I ask,
Darling, is this what you want?

— The End —