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I once rubbed a crucifix to know
what it was like to be touched by Christ.
It wasn't warm.
He wasn't warm.
He was rusty metal.
A relic.
A man who has long since died.

One day that will be me.
A long lost artifact
Or photograph, that
will be stuffed in a drawer
next to a book and some condoms.
I'm not your type
I told myself all the time
wondering why
I'm not the one.

I should be sleeping
but I can't stop dreaming
Dreaming about you and me
Oh God, that's a fantasy.

Every time it comes to you
I notice every defect on me
Leaving my mind on the idea
about You and Me.

I'm laying on my bed
and I can't forget your face
Oh, why don't you leave my mind?
To you,
The presumably burnt-out light bulb
merely needed to be
twisted back into place in order to
flicker on again.
The grey-haired woman standing on the chair
sighs, glad
she will not have to buy new ones.
I placed the cuts between your fingers,
Your mind like patch work,
Flipping the switch on & off,
Doesn't save a life,
There's not enough oxygen in the world,
But please go on about equality,
Hold the hand of a dying child,
Cause all he wanted in life was to not be,
I got the cat out of my tool box,
I wiped window pains with ciggerates,
So we'd all be a happy family.
Could we just lay on the roof,
And gaze at the stars,
Slowly they'll pass as we spin around,
We'll hold hands and I'll smile as I wonder,
How in the vastness I found you,
Nothing short of a miracle.
We could do this,
But the city lights drown out the stars,
And you're not here.
Am I trapped,
Or is this just the way to be?
Am I alive,
Or is this just some cosmic energy?
Am I happy,
Or is this lack of agony?
Am I sad,
Or is this how it should be?
Am I floating,
Or the world is flashing past me?
Am I flying,
Or the universe is revolving around me?
Am I thinking,
Or the thoughts are piercing me?
Am I writing,
Or are the words playing hide and seek?
If you died today
I would be dead tomorrow
And if I were to become immortal
I would spend my life
Trying to make you eternal
A caveman discovering fire,
he can now stay warm in the cold and see light in the dark,
It feeds him and protects him, and he does likewise.

Electricity suddenly figured out,
the harnessing of lightening used to capture the suns impressive illumination,
Dark corners seen where shadows once resided.

Neil Armstrong's foot touching the surface of the moon,
as stars swirl around him,
and the Earth looks innocent, safe, and beautiful.

The first successful flight of an airplane,
finally feeling free like the birds,
and touching the once elusive clouds.

A heart surgeon looking at a sensitive beating *****,
knowing that rhythmic pulsing is necessary to sustain the body,
and caution must be taken not to hurt it.

Like a free-falling with a parachute.
Like a delicious appetizer, entree, and dessert all at once.
Like puppy kisses, or kitten purrs.
Like looking down from the top of a mountain.
Like every single sunrise and sunset you've ever seen, combined.
Like tearing up when you see people reunite.
Like meeting up with an old friend.
Like laughing until your stomach hurts.
Like that refreshingly calm breath after crying real hard.
Like holding a *** for too long but then finding a bathroom.
Like your first cup of coffee in the morning.
Like snow, a fireplace, hot cocoa, and a blanket.
Like a flower blooming.
Like the sound of the ocean.
Like a cool breeze on a sweltering day.
Like a good, long embrace.
Like a shot of hard liquor that warms your insides.
Like getting promoted.
Like finishing a creative endeavor.
Like your favorite sports team winning.
Like a baby smiling at you.
Like finding a good book or a good series.
Like fixing something properly all by yourself.
Like finding blue or purple sea glass.
Like mail with your name on it that isn't bills.

It's probably not like any of these things,
*it's probably a whole lot ******* better.
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