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Arlo Miller Aug 2016
The knowledge of growing and feeling the flowing
of the ins to the outside showing, what you are.
It's enough to drive you mad hoping to make glad the hopes of your mom and dad while being your own man with a plan who along with everyone is pretending he can.
True change is subtle and I'll pose a rebuttal to any of those quick fix ****** that think life is anything but a struggle.
I constantly tell myself to take the toys of life off the shelf and be not a man but a very mature boy who enjoys life for what it is.
Insignificant in the grand scheme but significant and supreme to each individual, it can be full if you feed on the right stuff and not this materialistic fluff but relationships and love.
The taste can't be replaced it's easy to get tossed and lost in the cost of brand names and hearsay claims; you hear the heresy names shouted at you for being different.
Take time to rewind and look back at the facts that make you true. Apply the sutures to the wounds so the futures got more room to grow and you know you will.
The past never returns and the future never arrives so your only choice is to be present and alive.
**** fear, you don't need it. Make a goal and succeed it.
Everyone is different and this life is on rent so make sure all your money is spent by the end my friend because only dead plants don't grow.
New title: Dead Plants Don't Grow
Arlo Miller Dec 2015
People aren't the problem; fear is. Fear of people with power who are just little kids. A little bit smarter and with a bit bigger bodies, but like you they go poo poo in big boy potties. They've made mistakes, and loved, and lost. Yet we're afraid at what cost? The cost is plain the cost is simple popping caps to rid like popping a pimple. When will we grow up? That's the thing, we won't. What day does the kid in us up and leave? They don't. They get beat up and locked up by anger and greed. Broken trust, we build up the calluses we need. To survive. We must, we are just, people. But behind those walls and wrinkled faces is a kid who dreamed of going places. Places near and far for little and long whiles, sharing toys and laughs and spreading smiles. Not seeing color or caring what you wanted to be as long as you were nice to me. Don't let fear win, it ruins all things. Overcome it like you once did, your first time on the swings.
  Sep 2015 Arlo Miller
Kelley A Vinal
The marina was lifeless -
just boats, no captains
It was cold, but
nice - you and I

Like a campfire, maybe
Except you didn't smell
like lapsang souchong tea
More like honey, something

sweet, like devil's cake baking
Your touch - an equatorial sunbeam
It burnt, but I think the tan
looks good
Arlo Miller Aug 2015
At the end of the day when I'm spent and expired,
and all energy has clocked out and retired.
I long for your warmth and tender embrace,
my weary eyes to rest upon your face.
A caretaker that without I cannot thrive.
I don't need you to live, but to make me alive. Alive
I can change the world with what you help me to feel.
You are fuel and rest, rejuvenation, zeal.
When my strength is gone and my mind is drifting to sleep,
know that my last few thoughts my mind struggles to keep,
are of you and my family that share my name,
and lastly, how soon they will be one and the same.
I love you. Goodnight.
For my bride to be Diana Ray Poulin
Arlo Miller Aug 2015
If we are what we overcome, I'm more like you than I thought. I paid the ransom and still you I lost. Two beings just being in time and caught. And between you and me I'll die with these thoughts.
some love never really leaves even though it ends
Arlo Miller Aug 2015
Today you left memories in our minds and love in our hearts,
in fact, looking around the room that's only the start.
You left behind grandkids, sons, close friends, and a wife,
who is probably the reason you made it this long in life.

Today you left behind houses that families call home,
and plenty of pictures reminding us how you never needed a comb.
You left tearful prayers on Christmas Day, hearty chuckles and grins,
the trunk of the tree where all these branches begin

Today you left and that's ok, we know you had to go,
to fulfill God's plan that we can only wish to know.
I may know the burglar, but it still feels like theft.
I guess you were a guest in this world, and today you left.
For Larry Dean Miller. My grandfather and an amazing man.
Arlo Miller Aug 2015
Swallows dip and rise this morning brings
more than pennies treat for my two sense

Each grass blade swaths my skin
holding me barely off the ground
but nonetheless off of the Earth

A flying bird with hundreds of green feathers
closes his eyes as his soul sings

With the swallows
Joining the birds in flight and song. Exploring the lesser known senses.
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