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The marina was lifeless -
just boats, no captains
It was cold, but
nice - you and I

Like a campfire, maybe
Except you didn't smell
like lapsang souchong tea
More like honey, something

sweet, like devil's cake baking
Your touch - an equatorial sunbeam
It burnt, but I think the tan
looks good
 Aug 2015 Arlo Miller
Raghu Menon
I like the dark
The dark skies
The dark ocean
The dark forests
The dark soils
The dark nights
If there were no dark
We will never understand
The meaning and value
of Light..
 Jul 2015 Arlo Miller
David Hall
I spent my childhood ignorant
my adolescence naïve
the sum of my adult life so far
collecting things that adults need
now here I sit at middle age
senescence beating down my door
finally able to see the world clearly
but it doesn’t matter anymore
 Jul 2015 Arlo Miller
I was leaning over the railings
Of your condominium's 11th floor fire exit.
It was a beautiful night, just a clear sky
Filled with stars.
I was smoking then while
You were just standing right behind me,
I leaned a little bit more.
You told me to stand back
"Aren't you scared?"
I told you that i have conquered
My fear of heights
Long before we spoke again
After weeks of complete silence.
I wasn't lying.
I wasn't afraid of falling—
dying anymore.
But that morning,
Your hands around my waist,
Lips on the nape of my neck
Just breathing,
I drowned.
My throat closed up,
My lungs filled with your scent,
My heart got heavier.
Your touch wasn't supposed to make me
Feel every inch i loved about you.
I was falling again,
Dying for your love;
I thought i have conquered my fear.

"Aren't you scared?"
 Jul 2015 Arlo Miller
Raghu Menon
I wish
I were as brave as the rain
It's not afraid
Of the waterfalls,
The rocks
The stones,
The gulleys
The thorns, or the dirt,  
The garbage
Which when falling
Is so pure
But after the fall
Gets through
All the *******..
And Poisoned*
with inspiration from IGMS.
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