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Arlo Miller Jul 2017
We're all watching the same show with different glasses
Each pair constantly changing with the light through them passes
Born with a fresh pair, brand new,
We don't always get to choose what our glasses do
Others will bend them, straighten them,
Sometimes polish, or even break them
And once changed they can never go back
Just wabi-sabi your best to Kintsugi the crack
We'll forget that our glasses look differently,
And others might not agree with what we see
So try to try on other's glasses too,
And glimpse the world as others do
You might see a dent and say, "Hey that's like mine!
We're not so different you and I"

All seeing something different watching the same show,
We all feel the same things about the lives only we know
Inspired by this quote: "That's one of the great things about music. You can sing a song to 85,000 people and they'll sing it back to you for 85,000 different reasons." - Dave Grohl
Arlo Miller Feb 2017
my dearest, today you are twenty and five
and my, how lucky we are to be alive
right now, a junction of playful health and slightly wise
loving you keeps me in constant joy and surprise
together we, two intertwined trees being one another's rains
our life a midrib of a leaf yet to grow and spread its veins
with each tear, embrace, and tender kiss
I hope you will always remember this
as long as the nettles remain on the evergreen pine
I am your Nick and you are my Dine
Arlo Miller Nov 2016
This here in my hands is a small stone
That I will carry on my own
Building a mountain one by one
I won't stop until it's done

Striving forward my muscles ache
What I'm building is not fake
I'm building strength, true and free
What I am building is a better me

A Me that can weather storms and loss
towards optimistic progress at whatever the cost
A hammer and chisel in my hand
From this rock I emerge a self-made man

Not just a body but more a mind
One that is powerful and fiercely kind
Focused on spreading the mindset of its fashion
Expand happiness and spread compassion
Arlo Miller Sep 2016
A year ago you changed your name
despite that all has felt the same
Yet I discover more as we reside
uncharted parts of you in me abide

Cherishing each pint and clinking of the glass
as eager as the first and as relished as the last
Living this life open far and wide
covering valleys and hills in handheld stride

Tender is your love my sweet sleepy one
a clear night sky with the warmth of the sun
A solace soft and steady, deep and full of wonder
gentle pouring rain with the passion of thunder

I'd ne'er have your head another place rest
than a swaddled blanket soft on my chest
to hear your breath and heartbeat trance
conduct our horizontal tranquil dance

Yet how can I express through verse and rhyme
what seems to be a disparity in time?
How did it feel, this past year together?
it felt like how it will be, *forever
Our First Wedding Anniversary
Nick & Diana Miller 9.19.15
Arlo Miller Aug 2016
entire trips around the sun
making sense of the cents of a quarter
of years of growth and fighting fear
here's to another year

of complex thoughts and simple pleasures
finding more of myself and experiential treasures
to new all new things people and places
and never forgetting friendly faces

May I continue to realize and act on the fact
that only I'm in the way of my impact
Don't ever settle and always strive
to make things better and be alive

This life is mine to do, to create, to find the most of
because why the **** not?
Arlo Miller Aug 2016
Art with words
is not for the birds
if it can change a mind
to make it a little less blind

A word can refurbish a spirit
as soon as we hear it
and fill an entire nation
with hope and inspiration

Describe the beauty of dunes of sand
take a person's heart in the palm of your hands
written or read, whispered or yelled
it's not a coincidence how sword is spelled
Arlo Miller Aug 2016
It'll come around again soon, a harkening back to things like the moon.
Feelings in our core, a primal state, like we were before.
Not cave(wo)men or primitive society full of biblical piety,
but an advanced race with a separation between face time and a real face.

We will remember who we are. We want grass on our bare feet instead of a gas pedal in a car.
We won't waste touch on things lesser than a person we love who loves us just as much
Sounds of drums and harmonious hums will fill our ears and our eyes will cry tears to water flowers that have smells that sink to the wells of our humanity.

We will be free, from ourselves to enjoy, ourselves.
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