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 Dec 2014 Amit Shroff
I grow even older,
Every wretched birthday,
I am not contented,
Even I wanted to be Peter,
I want to be Peter Pan,
Never wanting to grow older,
I want to die young,
Not in the decay of old age.

Happy Birthday Atul!

But I have no aim in life,
Have completed 24 years of age,
But not a single person for me,
Who loves my originality,
My real self - the real me.

At first they come,
And then they leave,
They leave behind a scar.
I've completed 24 years of my life today on 23rd of December, 2014.

My time of birth was 8:50 pm IST.

IST or Indian Standard Time is +5:30 hours GMT.

My HP Poem #710
©Atul Kaushal
 Dec 2014 Amit Shroff
 Dec 2014 Amit Shroff
It seems so far from here and now,
Both in distance and in kind.
That place I found, through winding ways;
The time when I cared not for time.

When shadows stretched meant day was new
And as they shortened haste was made.
Butterflies played and danced and flew,
Distracting minds in need of shade.

Pain in toes and knees and hips
Dissolved all ailments of the head.
Stories poured from sun kissed lips.
Easing aches in time for bed.

I wandered back to times gone by
To grief, to love; so bittersweet.
I played them out, I laughed, I cried-
To the echoed fall of dusty feet.

In all the things I've so far learned,
Of all the 'me' I've yet to know
I've found that peace and calm is earned
Through open minds, on unknown roads.

And if the names, the talks, the places;
If they try to fade with time
I'll think of all the smiling faces;
Kindest hearts, now kept in mine.
In July of this year, I walked 350km of the Camino de Santiago in Northern Spain. A beautifully moving and life altering experience. This is a little memory of that journey.
The soul finds solace
In the soliloquy
As sense prevails
Sonorous voice
Touches the self
Making complete sense
Simple moments
Salubrious to the soul
Mind and heart in sync
Simple seeking
Worth the search
When winter is at its peak
And temperatures plummet
Festive fervor keeps us warm
Love and wishes for everyone
From the heart and soul
White is the symbol of peace
And red, the glow of love
It strengthens the bond
With the flames of love kindled
In every heart and home
Winter’s sweetness to savor
Shake away the cold
And keep the happiness intact
With kind words and deeds
As we wait for another year
Full of hope, beauty, and love
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