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 Aug 2017 amabel
Xavier Quinn
If I were to write a book
Based upon the entire life of you
Including the smallest of detailed details
Such as how your breath stays in perfect four/four rhythm
But changes based on the slightest change of emotion
And the way your lip quivers more upwards than downwards
When you are struggling to keep your composure
And how the sensations you felt spread smoothly throughout
your body from the source like a wave
And all of the billion little details like this
All of the little details that make up your life
Your history
Your memories
Your love
Your life
Your pain
Your regrets
Your dreams
Your importance

I wouldn't be able to complete it

For all of the trees in the land
Accessible by man would be cut down
And used for paper just for this book

And yet, it still wouldn't be enough

Your history alone would take up several volumes
Every breath would be chapters
Your birthdays would take up dozen of pages each
Your tears make up the changes in the exposition throughout
And your laughs make up the climaxes of each part

Biographies are made about specific persons
Only describing their general history
But none of them can truly capture that person and their value
For there will never be enough words
Or enough pages
To completely convey how special someone is
How important you are

You are important.
Remember this.
You are important.
(Forgive me for the repost; a formatting error occurred and cut the rest of the poem.)
(I noticed some mistakes in the words, so I have fixed them. Sorry for that.)
 Aug 2017 amabel
Malak S
 Aug 2017 amabel
Malak S
What a fool am I to think,
That I could possibly find love in a decade where,
Being heartless is praised,
And loving with your entire being,
Is bashed into oblivion.
 Aug 2017 amabel
 Aug 2017 amabel
I let your hands explore my chest and I pretend you're searching for my heartbeat.
Feeling how it chirps for yours, like a bird calling out to its lover in the storm.
Pretending your body's intention was to keep mine warm when your mouth was leaving kisses like small fires burning across my skin.
I didn't feel the smoke in your breathe till I was burned down,
and I blamed myself for playing with fire.
I let you whisper ***** things in my ear and pretend the sounds are still the birds, which is to say I've forgotten the sound of my own voice.
So I let you build a nest within me, forgetting that I lived here too once.
What once was does not know my own body now.
Where you touched does not know how to exist without you.
Which is to say,
Who I was then does not know greedy hands like now.
Oh how I envy the oblivion.
 Mar 2016 amabel
fact: our subconscious decides actions half a second before your conscious even wraps itself around the situation.

fact: peer pressure can make people do the craziest ****.

fact: jellyfish are immortal. certain species can revert to an infantile, earlier stage of their life cycle when needed.

fact: humans cannot. this is one of many causes of our obsession with life and death, innocence, time, and many other subjects pertaining to similar matters; this inability is one of many forces propelling and pulling us towards the great unknown.

fact: this makes humans bitter and jaded and contemplative. this is something to continue to investigate.

fact: my subconscious is cruel and strange, having fed on a great deal of dark poetry and books I was too young to read.

fact: I get angry sometimes, and easily.

fact: I do stupid things, but it's not always peer pressure.

fact: I am bitter and jaded and contemplative sometimes, but not being a jellyfish is only one of many forces propelling and pulling me towards the great unknown.

fact: I hate you.  fact: I love you.

fact: facts aren't always true.

fact: I'm sorry.

request: Please forgive me.

fact: it's okay if you don't.
I can feel myself changing and bending under the Fate's gaze
 Feb 2016 amabel
 Feb 2016 amabel
She came
I saw
She Conquered
 Feb 2016 amabel
Jess Sidelinger
I’ll never forget how you called me beautiful
when I climbed off the back of that quad covered in mud and took my helmet off
to reveal matted hair sticking to random places
on my head. When I woke up next to you
and had those crusty things in the corners of my eyes that partnered with
the gross smell of morning breath that you still kissed me when I had.
I’ll never forget how you called me beautiful
when I walked down the stairs into the living room and you saw me in that dress
you said you’d been imagining me in since you asked me to prom
more than a month ago. When I started to ramble on and on
about something I read or saw online that was completely irrelevant to anything that was said
all day.
I’ll never forget how you called me beautiful
like it was my name
every morning when you kissed me goodbye before leaving for work, every night when we were arguing
over what movie to watch and how many bags of popcorn to make, at random times
like during dinner at that little diner when I had just taken a big bite of pasta or when you surprised me at work
with my hair up and covered in three different kinds of fudge.
You called me beautiful every day until one day it turned into
darling, you’re beautiful, but…
 Feb 2016 amabel
Stef Baptista
 Feb 2016 amabel
Stef Baptista
he was a storm.
he came rolling in at unexpected times
he made my skies dark and drenched me in my own tears
he caused a commotion inside my mind and then he would disappear
like nothing had ever happened.
he caused destruction of my mental state and I wondered why for God's sake
he ruined everything in his path and didn't even bother to stick around and see the aftermath
he put out the fire inside my heart
he left me in the dark
like nothing had ever happened.
i miss you
even if you are just meter away
and i miss you more
when you will gone far

i miss the way you smile
that light up my way
and the way you laugh
at your childish play

i miss your giggle
that captivate me
and your smirk
that mesmerize me

i miss the way you frown
and the sweet scent that you own

i miss the way you walk
and your crazy little talk

i miss all about you
i miss you


i can't have you

©IGMS 2014
and i just wish that you will miss me too

"I miss you because I can't have you" line is not mine.
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