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Xavier Quinn May 2019
Some people
Belong in this world
But perhaps there are those
Who simply don't
and simply can't fit

And I'm scared

That I might be one of them.

I don't feel okay.
I'm fine. Or, I will be.
Xavier Quinn Jan 2018
The ink on my pen comes straight from my veins
And is refilled from my thoughts, not my heart
Cause when I write, only one thought remains:
The frightful truth that I’m falling apart

When the demons come, my heart seems to stop
My whole body shakes and no air comes in
My words fail me, but I can form teardrops
As I relive every one of my sins

Where my pain lies, white roses seem to grow
And seem to make my demons look pleasing
When I share them, the readers always show
Enjoyment from all my disguised bruisings

It was that moment my demons would be
Beautiful tragedies for all to see.
Hello again,
My, two posts in a row? I'm even surprised.
This was a poor attempt at a sonnet for an assignment in my creative writing class. Thank god I didn't have to follow the stressed/unstressed format.
Some of you may get upset with me for not following the format exactly, and for that, I apologize.
However, you may agree that following stressed/unstressed may have ruined this piece.
Regardless, I really hope you enjoy. Perhaps you as a writer can relate to this.
Thank you for reading. It means the sea to me.

Take care.
Xavier Quinn Jan 2018
Hello there
Miss Stranger
I'd like to know your name
If it’s all the same
Of course, this might seem rather strange
I'm afraid all we've had were passing smiles
And slight conversation
Friendly waves and sideways glances
Of our own creation
All of this happened
From two seats away
Please forgive me for staring
I’ve been itching to talk for days
A shy girl taking classes out of her league
And passing them like it’s nothing
A girl who rarely says a word
But her eye’s always reciting something
I knew I just had to know more
So I waved for the first time
And when you smiled and waved in return
I thought this would be alright

Hi there!
Miss Stranger!
All across the way
I enjoy the smiles we pass every day!
In class
The hallway rush
I wonder why I enjoy it so much!
We've rarely spoken small talk
Much less what we believe in
So why does a smile from you give me such a happy feeling?
This isn't love
I've made that mistake before
Maybe you seem nice and I wish to know more
Oh dear, this may seem a bit much
I assure you I'm not after affection or lust
Just a smile
And your name
If it's all the same!

Hey there
Miss Stranger
It was such a lovely day
I finally got the nerve to say
That I'd like to be friends
After days of finding the words
For days on end
I finally approached
Defying every insecurity and doubt
For talking to strangers can be rather difficult
And it makes my nerves want to shout
And even if you said no
I would be proud of myself for talking to you
To my pleasant surprise
You were delighted to!
It's always exciting to gain a new friend
For adventures and memories beckon as soon as they are created
It was a shame I was to blind to see
The end of us that awaited

Hello there
Miss Stranger
Do you remember the words we shared?
It’s a pity that you didn’t seem to care
What happened then?
Was reasons did you find
To let our friendship end?
Was it my daily messages?
Or my eagerness to know you?
Was it something I said
That may have caused you to rue?
We slowly faded back
Into the strange stage of strangers
And we left every possibility
Behind on the back hanger
Oh, well
I suppose I should've seen it coming
History repeats itself
And it always leaves me numb.

Take care
Miss Stranger
And thank you anyway.
I'll always be here to smile
When we pass every day.
Hey there,
So.... Please don't hate me for posting the same poem.
The truth is, I took a creative writing class last semester
And after revising this, I felt that it would be acceptable to post
If you'd like to read the original, it's somewhere in my poems
But regardless, as always,
Thank you for reading. It means the sea to me.

Take Care.
Xavier Quinn Aug 2017
If I were to write a book
Based upon the entire life of you
Including the smallest of detailed details
Such as how your breath stays in perfect four/four rhythm
But changes based on the slightest change of emotion
And the way your lip quivers more upwards than downwards
When you are struggling to keep your composure
And how the sensations you felt spread smoothly throughout
your body from the source like a wave
And all of the billion little details like this
All of the little details that make up your life
Your history
Your memories
Your love
Your life
Your pain
Your regrets
Your dreams
Your importance

I wouldn't be able to complete it

For all of the trees in the land
Accessible by man would be cut down
And used for paper just for this book

And yet, it still wouldn't be enough

Your history alone would take up several volumes
Every breath would be chapters
Your birthdays would take up dozen of pages each
Your tears make up the changes in the exposition throughout
And your laughs make up the climaxes of each part

Biographies are made about specific persons
Only describing their general history
But none of them can truly capture that person and their value
For there will never be enough words
Or enough pages
To completely convey how special someone is
How important you are

You are important.
Remember this.
You are important.
(Forgive me for the repost; a formatting error occurred and cut the rest of the poem.)
(I noticed some mistakes in the words, so I have fixed them. Sorry for that.)
Xavier Quinn Aug 2017
She was only 17 and smelled of cigarettes and sorrow
Standing under an old streetlight on the corner of
42nd and Harlow Avenue in the latest the hour can be

Why was she there, on the corner of 42nd and Harlow Avenue?
Nobody knew
Not even she did
Or how she got there
But that part wasn't entirely important
She still had her phone, her purse, her dignity
And most of her clothing?
Maybe just her phone and purse.

Her intoxication had taken over
Her vision is slightly blurry
And her head feels as though it weren't even there
Her senses are tricking her
For she hears a familiar rhythm from behind
Getting louder and louder in 4/4 time
She only realizes what it is when it stops right next to her

"How Much?" The man asks her
His eyes are full of greed
And his breath's filled with Whiskey
Hers probably smelled the same
Along with the result of an empty Camels pack

"Well?" He asks again, his eyes fixed on every curve her dress made
"How Much?"

She looks at him
Dead in the eye

"Life has no price when one wishes to end it."

He stares at her for a few seconds more
Then walks off into the shadows to find satisfaction

She watches him go
And keeps looking long after he's gone
She opens a new pack
And blows through half of it
Toying with the idea of taking three steps into Harlow Avenue

Seemed a fitting ending
Hey there
I apologize for a narrative with a sad note to it
But it's something I came up with awhile ago
And I wanted to share it
Thank you for reading once again
It means the sea to me

I'm working on something big
Excited to share it with you

Take care.
Xavier Quinn Jun 2017
Maybe I misspoke when I told you to leave.

When I told you to get out,
I also meant to get out of my thoughts.
I don't appreciate you hanging around there all the time.
Maybe I should put up a "No Loitering" sign in my brain,
But you never listened to me, anyway, so I don't think it would work.

I told you I was tired of the games,
But you're still playing hide and seek.
Cause everyday I see you in the crowd,
And every time I lose sight of you,
You vanish

I told you to leave me alone,
But every night
You whisper in my ear for hours,
Causing me to lose sleep
And to dream of the memories we shared.
The good and the bad
And boy,
Were they ugly

It's so bittersweet,
Because to me,
It feels like you never left.

I didn't really want you to leave, anyway.
Just something I thought up. I don't know. Maybe you can relate to it.

Thank you for reading.

Take care.
Xavier Quinn Jun 2017
My life is a cassette tape
that is playing in a tape deck
in the middle of nothingness
under a single light bulb that keeps on flickering
threatening to go out any second

The songs are the stages of my life
the beginning of the mix
full of soft melodies and light harmonies
peaceful and careless
with a hint of minor chords
as all songs should have

I have progressed through Side A
containing a mix of songs that have been
progressively getting slower
each song more so than the last
And as I approach the end of the side
I become scared
for if the songs go down this current path
I might not ever reach Side B

I have hopes for what the next side contains
Songs with hopeful notes
and delightful rhythms
but if I fast forward
I might miss where I want to be
and if I rewind
I would eventually wear out the tape
and every now and then
with the current songs
I'm tempted to stop and eject the tape

But my favorite song is coming up
and eventually
if I keep listening
and be patient
I'll make it
this song in particular  has a hint of hope
in the form of a new light
that I can hook up
over the tape deck

Maybe this mix won't end as bad as I think it will
maybe if I hit play
I'll be okay
I just hope
that this light will be there until the end of Side B.
Just something I thought of today
No worries
Side A is almost over
and Side B holds promise.

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