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 Nov 2016 allyson
Nick Moser
Pain can be so loud sometimes.

And while I'm over here screaming,
Does anyone say anything?

Of course they don't.

They only speak up to tell me I'm making too much noise.
Why even bother
 Feb 2016 allyson
CA Guilfoyle
On days like this
cool, with little winds
desert birds forage for sticks
they build nests perched in cactus
some build green in palo verde trees
always I think of baby birds in spring
hatchlings, the fledglings that fly
I travel far beyond the noise of towns
watch the movement of cooling clouds
the roundness of rain upon the ground
the grey banked scurrilous skies
of hurried birds, their silhouettes before a storm
daisies that close, cold amid the stones
beneath where snakes and lizards go
slither and crawl in this landscape of saguaros
and I, ever tethered can only dream to fly.
I have just moved and will be without internet for 4 or 5 days, except for on my phone, therefore I am unable  to respond to each and everyone of you, beautiful poets - but know that I am ever grateful for this HP sanctuary and for poets everywhere.

thank you
XO, Cyd
 Feb 2016 allyson
tonight, something a little
stronger than poison
runs through my veins

it festers, intangible,
pretty like belladonna,
sweet like nightshade

it sways in the wind
of my lungs, it has it's
own tune you see.

i know it's a plague,
like him, we've all
been infected once.

tonight, it's angry,
gardens of deep rose

and happiness returns
to being but a distant,
wavering sun.
© copyright
 Feb 2016 allyson
Chloë Fuller
Where did you go?
I see the sun set.
I can actually see it go down.
The world gets darker.

So many bottles of champagne surround me.
I celebrate nothing.
I lose entire days.
But men that look apocalyptic fill me up
Until I put my ***** clothes back on
And trample back to my den.
Worn, apologetic, and wishing it would all pass.

Glittered nails and crooked teeth.
I think back on my past relationship and laugh.
Who was I?
Who was he?
I can't even remember anymore.
And that's a good thing.

I just want on vacation.
A long week in Florida.

I've said it about every ex
I'll say it again.

We're going to be okay.
It may take time.
But one day we will talk.
We will laugh.
And we will smile.
I wish you all the best.
And I know
Deep down
You do too.
 Feb 2016 allyson
Nick Moser
• College is hard.**

And that’s the list of things they don’t tell you in College.
And it don't get much easier.

— The End —