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Alicia Aug 2015
I'm not the type to miss people when I leave,
Or think about them when I'm gone.

But I met you.

And suddenly,
I'm starting to think that I might just miss you when I leave.

And it sticks like a thorn in my side,
To know that I too, can feel such sorrow.

Alicia May 2015
Yesterday, I lived life like a normal day
Yesterday, I knew what was coming tomorrow.

Today, I said my final goodbye.
Today, I became a different person.

Tomorrow, I'll carry on
Tomorrow, I'll be a better person.

Tomorrow, I'll love you just as much as I did.
Today and Yesterday,
and forever into the future.

Alicia Mar 2015
I count the days,
That I've loved you.

I then count the days,
that you've never known,
known the infinite affection built up inside me,
For you to realise;
just how much I love you

Alicia Feb 2015
If only you saw the countless words I've wrote.
Or the many nights I haven't slept.
Maybe even the times my mind has been filled with only you,
and I'm sat here, typing away,
to the ticking of my clock,
which seems to slow down time as my mind morphs an image of you.
I can't help it.
Maybe I loved you,
Maybe I still do.

  Feb 2015 Alicia
The pierce on his left earlobe wasn't something that anyone would just notice. After all it was purposely concealed by his brown locks. She asked him why he had it.

"It was a thing of the past." he said.

"Does it still hurts?"

"The bleeding had stopped. The wound was long gone. It took some time to heal. Still, there was a gaping hole that's left."

Somehow she knew that it wasn't just the piercing he was talking about.
for the one who was left.
Alicia Feb 2015
Death is something not to be feared,
for death is inevitable.

If you want to fear something,
fear time.
Time is running out.

Alicia Jan 2015
Why is it that when I finally feel like I'm free from you,
Memories of us come back to haunt me,
bringing me right back to square one.
Such, such strange magic.

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